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Updated Airsoft Loadout!

Updated Airsoft Loadout!

what’s up guys it’s all about 410 here on this Wednesday afternoon uh as you can tell I’m cutting in the eris on so what’s been going on I actually got my entire game rod right now just got this new face mask and a pair of ballistic gobbles these are actually you know the real deal shooter goggles and I’ve got this on basically this is what I’m going to be wearing in my next game I have upgraded my weapon I got a laser Bob sites not real it’s actually a replica I have a tank light on the other side uh that pretty much the same weapon I’ve also done a few upgrades on my sidearm got a new tank light on it works very very well as like a 60 hour battery life but uh just I wanted to show it off a little bit I’m actually kind of happy with the way it turned out I base buying off united states army infantry or more specifically I you know a real big fan of the US Army Ranger so I try to base by whole uniform on that I also got some real combat boots their SWAT boots gone for like 35 bucks at walmart awesome and i’m just hella happy about this bad look how cool i feel hella cool i can move around I feel protected it’s lightweight because I you know I mean I go to seem to be sitting out of Stockton so he won’t see what we go through at cb’s they just go to a Milsom jumpy jump Oh calm go to put the link on the you know man i just feel too cool about the second to figure out what to say oh so i’m going to put a few new videos later and i’ll see you guys later hi talal or what


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