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Update commentary (Halo MCC)

Update commentary (Halo MCC)

what’s going on YouTube my name is Dirk or not and today I got you a new video after I don’t know how many months of not posting any videos anywhere or either slop gaming or this channel I’m finally bringing your new video all because I um hey loaded tonight and I was just like man I want to make a commentary i just want to sit there and talk and make a commentary a real commentary I will [ __ ] like I usually posts but it anyways this is a halo game play off of the master chief collection it’s halo 3 as you can tell I go 30 38 no not 38 damn I’ll be amazing if I’m a [ __ ] 38-28 and 12 on this game plates not the best I just got on try to get a gameplay I got a gameplay and you guys that’s what you guys are watching anyways I just want to talk about how it’s going with me I mean have you guys know me so you you better [ __ ] care he’ll [ __ ] is going or I will [ __ ] hitch you in real life on this kidding but yeah thinks has been only good for me I recently ever since i posted my last video poor things to happen i can drive now which is a big reason of me not posting anymore I’m yacht well actually I have no money right now because of christmas but i’ve been making more money lately paying for bills and all that and just enjoying life a little bit more than before doing more I should be playing view games more honestly [ __ ] life I still don’t know what some looks like you know the Moon the Stars what the [ __ ] is that [ __ ] you know call duty and halo is all I live for still um this kidding but anyways yeah shits it’s been good I christmas is just around the corner I can’t wait for that I’m honestly thinking of doing a set up video after Christmas and not saying that because I’m getting anything big for Christmas honestly all I asked her for Christmas was a fridge so I don’t ever have to leave my room like this you heard play games all day like a no-life I am and hopefully I get the damn fridge so I don’t have to leave I’m like order a bunch of gamma fill up a whole bunch of water bottles and [ __ ] in there and just prepare myself for ever and that would be great that’s all i want for christmas but yeah other than that um another update we all the original sloth gaming has xbox one once now I say that I mean Colin touch path or Swahili Oh from sloth gaming he has an xbox one and we are going to go off on some kids on some game battles we need to practice a little bit I’m not going to lie we we really need to get some practice and more than air more than we are like right now I should not be making this video I should be practicing them which sounds pretty gay honestly it sounds so nerdy but what we’re trying to do we yes in we’re gonna be playing wager matches with the full team right now and there’s only three of us it’s me killer clorox and Swahili oh and we were still looking for fourth but us three with a knee in practice and I can record that for you guys now because before it was a little right really hard for me to record xbox one gameplay as you guys know the xbox one sucks and it doesn’t give you the option to really it doesn’t give you any option to really try to record the sound like party chat sound and game chat sound it’s really hard to UM if to do some kind of we’re gonna have some Iranian [ __ ] to do that and I don’t feel like messing with it so before I couldn’t post that much like that much game sounds and stuff like that now I can put some more better sound quality cat and myself I saw him better now as I finally got Astros a faster a 40s as you guys can tell you probably don’t hear my computer in the background anymore at least I’m not talking you don’t it’s it’s things have been way better I’m really all I need now to have everything I need to UM be good and all duty and win and everything is all I need is a scuff I got a one millisecond monitor make you know obviously xbox one in the game I got this I got the raw skill I need I think I mean I still need to practice this practice makes you better no matter you are the more you play the better you get but yeah so I hope things have been going great for buddy watching this video because i know most you guys and um you know I don’t care how many subscribers i get if i get any more than I have right now you know I’m gonna try to keep active and our thing through Twitter and everything I’m gonna be updating on my [ __ ] on the channel here soon I got 80 video of me 1v1 a nitro ready the post whenever I want to this channel so stay tuned and I think that’s about it I hope you guys have an amazing day amazing Christmas if I do not post anything till Christmas then yeah have amazing holiday get all the [ __ ] you want from mommy and daddy make sure you play some halo and call duty this holiday season I’m just kidding you need to spent on your family but also places called idiot on the sides I hope you guys have an amazing day and peace out


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