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Unboxing Umarex Colt Single Action Army Airsoft | Deutsch [Eng Sub]

Unboxing Umarex Colt Single Action Army Airsoft | Deutsch [Eng Sub]

Hello my name is Bruce. Welcome to the BB2K Airsoft channel. and today a new unboxing for you. fresh from the IWA 2015. the order was quick but the shipment has taken a while (4 weeks). a special Airsoft is in a box.

not 6mm but 4.5mm! here it comes a Colt Single Action Army feels very heavy a box with CO2 a bill beautyful white paper 🙂 more beautyful white paper 🙂 and a pack of steel 4.5mm BB’s. feels also heavy.

the box of the Colt S.A.A. i open it now for you. manual wauh it is real heavy i have too the Marushin Colt S.A.A. This here is much heavier. a close up. this is a plastic grip but it looks real good.

the blue metal finish. all metal. feels good in my hand. hmm why does it not work? it is secured? or it is broken?? i press pause. wait a moment please. it is not wrong to read the instructions Bruce 🙂 there is a safty on the bottom.

not typically for the Colt SAA. now the safty is off. the Colt is ready. great! The Colt have removable shells like the Marushin. i show you one shell. but this Colt is much better with metal. i show you again.

a great replica with markings that was my unboxing of the Umarex Colt S.A.A. Review is coming soon. I hope you had fun. at the first moment I was afraid. I thought it’s broken. but it was the safty 🙂 the box again i finish now this video and take some try shots with this colt.

i wish you a nice day.


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