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Unboxing one of THE BEST AEGs for Airsoft Starters (2018)


Hey, what’ up brothers. Viper here and in this box, we’ll probably have one of the best AEGs for any starting airsofter out there ,regarding price/quality ratio. We’re also giving this one away, so stay tuned because we’re giving more information about that at the end of this video. Alright, so thanks to we’ve been able to get our hands on this. In this box, we find the E&C HK416 Delta M27 IAR AEG which is made in China. Now mostly we don’t recommend to get stuff made in China, but for this one we’re making an exception. In the box we find the airsoft gun itself. A high-cap magazine, with corresponding winding key. And a manual. A battery and a charger are not included in the box, but it’s always recommended to buy them seperatly anyway. Now like mentioned before, this airsoft gun comes with a decent price/quality ratio. The gun comes with a price tag of about 280 euros. Normally, you would get a decent airsoft gun for this kind of money but we think this one performs a little bit better. The things we have seen from the performance of this gun usually require some upgrades especially for AEGs of this price tag.Externally this HK is largely made form an aluminium alloy with steel elements on weak points. The SF416 stock and grip are made of polymer This airsoft gun doesn’t come with any external markings which makes it miss some realism. The AEG is also treated with an anodizing process on the handguard and body to protect it against corrosion. It is equipped with a RIS picatinny 22mm rail for your favorite accessories and has a sturdy adjustable buttstock. It features metal folding iron sights that are removable with a cross screwdriver. At the end of the barrel we find a flash hider which is mounted on a 14 mm counter-clockwide thread which allows the use of a mock suppressor or a tracer unit. The airsoft gun features a smooth safe, single and full auto switch. The gun has a nice realistic length and weight. Now, since I couldn’t remember the numbers they are being displayed. The inner barrel of the gun has a diameter of 6,08 mm or 0.24 inches.The length of the inner barrel is 270 mm or 10.63 inches. Furthermore, this HK is perfectly balanced to provide a good maneuverability. A very neat feature of this gun which you will almost find on all the E&C AEGs is the so called “ECEC System”. This system allows the removal of the spring guide and the spring itself from the back stock tube without
having to remove the gearbox from the body. To change the spring, you simply have to unscrew the big ring on the stock tube. Push the tube forward and make a clockwise quarter turn on the tube, to draw it. By doing this you will see the sping guide which you can unscrew to reach the spring The magazine that comes together with the gun in the box is honestly a shitty magazine. It’s a steel 300 round high capacity magazine that needs to be winded with a corresponding winding key in order to feed the BBs to the gun. The key is not easy to use and can easily get lost, but the good thing is that 90 percent of the magazines on the market do fit the E&C AEGs.Only for a few polymer ones for the HK type of models do not feed correctly. You can find a list of the already tested magazines in the description down below. Internally the airsoft gun features a version 2 gearbox with 8 mm steel bearings The piston inside is made of polymer and is equipped with steel teeth to increase it’s durability. The motor is an original motor made by Torque and it also features a steel hop-up chamber with a standard adjustable hop-up dial. The gearbox already has the needed space to add a MOSFET to the system. This means you don’t need to make any adjustments to the gearbox in order to make it fit. The battery compartment and wiring of this HK is placed in the stock of the gun. It is compatible with Lipo 7.4 and 11.1 V type of batteries.And also with LiFe 6.6 or 9.9 V type of batteries. It features a mini Tamiya connector and the allowed types that fit this compartment are the Lipo stick batteries or the double stick batteries. When using 0,20 g BBs the power of this gun can vary between 310 FPS all the way up to 430 FPS only by changing the spring in the gun without changing any other internal parts. The average velocity of this gun is about 346 FPS with 0,25 g BBs Recalculated this brings us at 387 FPS with 0,20 g BBs which is way too hot for most countries that allow airsoft.But it is possible to cut 2 loops of the spring to reach the allowed 360 FPS. But we advise you to buy a good spring to reach that 360 FPS. Now, the gun shoots about 18 rounds per second with a Lipo 11,1 V type of battery which is a normal rate of fire for these types of guns. For the accuracy test we’ve set up a 14 by 14 cm or 5.5 by 5.5 inched size target at 15 m or 50 ft away.The results show that, when shooting on single shot, there is
a pretty tight grouping with a maximum spread of 6,0 cm or 2,3 inches between those shots measured from the center point of the target. In addition the gun wasn’t in a fixed position which adds the human factor into count. Now, on full auto, the spread between the shots is a little bigger. Here we’re talking about 6,5 cm or 2.5 inches between the shots measured from the center of the target. Now, our final thoughts about this gun. The first one being, it’s a sturdy gun and feels like it can take a fall.It’s definetly one of the most accurate AEGs on the market, that we’ve seen, for its price tag. It’s lacks a bit of realistic markings but that’s not the biggest issue when starting airsoft. Like mentioned earlier, the magazine is shit but the gun can take a lot of aftermarket magazines which is nice. In our opinion it’s a great starting replica with lots of aftermarket options.So, like mentioned in the beginning of this video we’re also giving away this specific HK416 Delta. Now if you want to win this gun, you can participate by simply sharing this video Or get an extra shot by going to and participate there. You can find the link in the description down below. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the sponsor of this specific gun. So a huge thanks to “”. If you want to check this gun and many others provideed by E&C, go to and check them out Or use the link in the description down below. Again, we thank you for watching, make sure to like, subscribe and hit the bell button to get notified about our new videos and we’ll see you guys next week. .


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