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UNBOXING My first Airsoft Gun – Colt M1911 A1 / Minha primeira Airsoft


so I just bought my first airsoft and it just arrived today I’m really excited and really curious to see how it looks let’s take out the paper that comes with it this is a declaration from the Brazilian Army it says that it has been approved it said that if that it is not the firearm and it does need registered this is the receipt – my name then let’s open it one of your reading questions not to damage the box and now let here it goes I’m really excited with this oh it’s a nice-looking box it’s really heavy lots of bubble wrap it’s in 1911 a1 I really wanted the a1 because of the curved mainspring housing I love it I think it’s the prettiest girl in the world small six millimeter BB the bullet please don’t eat it it is full metal it’s got a thumb safety and it’s working the hammer it’s functional it’s gonna safety here so the hammer won’t work and the hammer won’t drop if you don’t press safety the the slight stop doesn’t work it’s just for its aesthetics that’s okay they say you shouldn’t fire it without the BB I did it just for checking so let’s check the magazine the magazine is actually plastic but the time let’s put some bees in it of course I will have to test it on my hands to see with hurts or not if it hurts okay guys don’t do this at home it really hurts my dog is here why did I scream it’s got an orange tip as the RV asks and it’s really nice I loved it it’s going to go on my wall with my other guns and let’s do two more rounds yeah that’s it let’s have a closer look it is really beautiful the only thing I’m not very fond of is this type of hammer with a hole in it I think the beaver tail hammer is prettier but that’s okay it is a really nice cock in 1911 all right particularly the 1911 is the prettiest girl in the world slide one go back safe in your bag current mainspring housing probably I’m gonna be replacing these grips with black box I think it looks prettier maybe even paint this one’s black they’re plastic but overall it’s a beautiful and really happy it feels like the real one okay that’s it I hope you enjoyed it I bought it over the Brazilian website make a birdie make a deliberate and then cost me two hundred and forty highs which is about one hundred no it is about well I paid some extra cash to have it delivered extra fast and sorry for my bad english conversion and that’s it this is hunger maker for you and it is my first airsoft gun it’s a spring 1911 a1


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