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Unboxing GBLS DAS GDR-15 Blowback AEG Airsoft & First Try | Deutsch

Unboxing GBLS DAS GDR-15 Blowback AEG Airsoft & First Try | Deutsch

Bruce here, BB2K Airsoft Channel. Nice to see you Today I’m unboxing an “electric nailer”.strange but true. I’m GBB fan. So why an AEG? There are exceptions. To play airsoft. because these power guzzlers are just in the advantage I even use the AR15 platform.

OMG what’s wrong with me? Shame. But just perfect for playing. AEG has advantages over GBB but the sound … and GBB…. That’s the first one. And then the handling at an AEG Magazine in, no loadinglever needed, no bolt release, no kick Insensible without emotions.

I need the kick, the blowback and the function I want to feel the airsoft, I want to operate it like the real steel šŸ˜€ The solution is now here in the box! Today i show you G B L S D A S GDR-15 Quite a lot of shortcuts GBLS is a company from korea DAS is the system.

Dynamic Action System and GDR-16 is name of the airsoft an AR15 platform as Airsoft. Who would have thought that šŸ˜‰ but this is something special. Alone the sale price. 1900 Euro!!!! DAS is a new attempt to bring electric airsoft closer to GBB or Real Steel.

the dynamic action system moves the bolt like a GBB. that’s what the box looks like. Quite small. I am very curious what to expect now 1.5 years ago there was already a limited edtion. Cost 2500 USD Delivered as a puzzle and had to be assembled first.

Some Youtubers got it for free at the time for a test and review. they were able to send feedback to GBLS and also receive update parts for free. this box is also very small here. Is it also a puzzle? GDR15 is usually that big.

well, we’ll see It cost 2500 USD at that time. A whole lot of money for an Eletric Airsoft This version now 1900 euros. A little better but still an announcement! I’m very curious. I’ll unpack it now The GDR15 should give me the missing feeling.

The GBB feeling! Hard recoil and realistic handling There are some electric blowback systems on the market. But the problem is. You do not realize that you have a blowback system in your AEG. It is so weak šŸ™‚ This is how the box looks.

A 1900 Euro box! Now I’m finally going to open it.I’m curious what it looks like. a manual Looks good. The GDR15 is only separated in lower, upper and magazine. Secured in foam and velcro. luckily only a little puzzle šŸ™‚ I’ll get the parts out now.

Airsoft Mike and Khanseb had already tested the DAS for a year The results were not great. The system was still in development. Performance and performance could be improved You could say that this GDR-15 is now the salable model for the mass.

The performance and precision out of the box should be good now I’m very curious if the GDR15 is something for me. An alternative …. a really expensive alternative to GBB. With all the advantages of an AEG: weather independent, constant power, low maintenance, cheap magazine 70 euros cost GBB Magazine.

That brings weight to the plate carrier. The magazines are sensitive and have no high capacity There are more benefits to talking about AEG But the emotions are missing in the whole AEGs I hope that the emotions in the GDR15 are available šŸ™‚ Let’s build it together.

no i do not build it but show you the individual parts That’s the Lower. First to the material. Lower and Upper are made of 6061 aluminum and coated with ceracote. The Lower with the Gearbox looks normal at first glance.

Maybe here you notice a difference Now let’s take a look at the Upper Here we have the bolt. You can get it out like with the real steel That’s what the bolt looks like. At first glance like a GBB when I turn it.

You can now see the spring that tightens the piston The whole thing works like this. I’ll show it once The Bolt goes the same full way as the GBB. The gear moves the bolt backwards and tensions the pistion.

The bolt jumps forward and shows the recoil. The Piston remains tense. I press the trigger. Spring is released the piston blows the BB out of the barrel As with the PSG1 from Marui. You shoot with pretensioned spring At the normal AEG.

You pull the trigger and the spring is panned and released. Here the spring is tensioned before (Loading lever). The Bolt pushes a BB into the Hopup chamber. You pull the trigger. Piston is released. So a little real steel feeling.

And by the Bolt then comes the Recoil effect Now I build it together and then we take a look at the GDR15 completely How do you feel about this high price. Is it justified? what makes it so expensive? I’ll do my first try and then it gives my first impression Since the whole thing is still electric, I’m curious about the sound.

Piston electric cocking and mechanical popping from the bolt. Just take a look Let’s get to the magazine prices. Actually, a normal magazine should mean. But with 60 euros almost as expensive as a GBB magazine.

I do not understand at all! Sheet steel, plastic and a spring. Like a normal AEG magazine. Is there gold inside šŸ™‚ Magazines should definitely be cheaper. Magazine is SystemA PTW System. Folded up and done.

Insert magazine. Let’s take a closer look at the baby The airsoft has PTS Syndicate aluminium handguard with M-Lok, PTS grib and PTS stock everything feels very valuable and also locks in properly. The flip up sight is made of metal and can also be adjusted the orange flashhider can be swapped for a black metal flashhider.

Is also included 6061 aluminium, Cerakote finish, clean processing. Let’s take a look to the markings. clean and deeply shaped. Everything looks very beautiful. from the other side The interesting one.

It is a dual power airsoft. You can tension it manually or with electricity. I’ll try it out right away. First, the safety glasses I’m very excited. I try it now first oparate the charging lever uh pretty hard.

Of course we have to stretch a spring here the bolt catch works. There is no BB in the magazine so the bolt stays behind. I can now authentically push the bolt catch and the bolt is released so now I’m curious check safety OMG woah.

Incredible. The trigger weight!! Let’s try it again….. that’s really hard OMG. Since you get muscles in the finger!!! again The trigger weight is felt 5 tons! goes right on the finger. you are not used to it at all.

so and now the whole thing with electricity 11.1 Volt Lipo batteries are required for operation I’m curious about the recoil now. Battery is in it. First Try. GBLS DAS GDR15 1900 Euro electric airsoft with blowback I’m curious now operate the load again fascinat you can hardly describe.

you hear this typical AEG sound but with a bang. and you really feel a kick on the shoulder I show it from the side fascinating. it is not as hard as a VFC HK417 GBB but still very good. Compared to the whole other electro blowback system.

The GDR15 is a milestone! I’m excited and you just hear the electro sound and the mechanical popping of the bolt this is the special D.A.S. sound šŸ™‚ I insert the magazine and then I try the bolt catch again change magazine, press bolt catch and it continues to operate like a GBB.

amazing and I just have to say that I’m excited. Cool This is not possible here. You have to use the boltcatch You really have to get used to the trigger weight. in the middle finger I have more power šŸ˜€ absolutely cool.

I’m excited. Let’s try the dustcover hot. really cool device!!! I am now watching the GDR15 in peace for the upcoming review Many thanks to the company SniperAS for this loan. Great! 1900 Euro electric blowback airsoft I’m curious how the performance, the precision and the reliability is I check everything and then go to the review Bruce has an AEG.

Who would have thought that šŸ™‚ that was it. Bruce BB2K Airsoft with the GBLS DAS GDR15 the first electric airsoft that reaches the feel of a GBB. technically it is something special for me like the AES system of Tokyo Marui some time ago.

A real innovation I hope you liked the unboxing and the first try Makes it good my friends. Please leave a subscrip. Who wants to see more. below another video of me stay healthy. Until next time Your electro nailer bruce šŸ˜€


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