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UMP 45 H&K da marca Umarex (AEG)(Airsoft Review e Teste BR)

UMP 45 H&K da marca Umarex (AEG)(Airsoft Review e Teste BR)

Hi guys, this is Nilix, and this is UMP or as I affectionately call it: “Umpi” (phonetically), equipment properly licensed by the UMAREX brand, which is why it gets the name and brand of the real weapon.

It is a semi-metal submachine gun that has electrical operation (AEG), a marker facing the CQB and the main feature that highlights this, we see it as soon as we open the box. I speak of its stock, which is foldable, leaving the weapon that is already short, even smaller.

To perform this action press and hold the side button and fold the stock to the small “hook” next to the bolt to lock in that position. Comes with a 8.4v nickel metal hydride battery with a capacity of 1100 milliampere hour and a 220v charger.

The battery is inside the upper region, to access the compartment fold the stock, slide the cover down while pulling it out, insert the battery and you can plug in, that done, arrange the wires in the best way you can, preferably leaving the center free, because the butt pin will go through there, then just close the lid.

The accompanying magazine is a Hi-cap with a capacity of approximately 430 bbs, but some 40 are needed just to start feeding, which results in an approximate total of 390 shots per magazine. To prepare the mag, open the small top cover, pour the BBs inside and rope underneath until it meets resistance.

To load UMP, the magazine has to have this bar facing the trigger side, or even easier, with fake ammunition on the left side, then just push until you make a “click”. When removing, press the retainer on the magazine while pulling the magazine.

The shot selector is present on both sides of the marker, has the safe, semi and auto functions. Your Hop-up is adjustable, to make the adjustment first hold the bolt back, that wheel over there is responsible for the adjustment, turning it downwards increases the effect and upwards decreases it.

It has fixed sight mass, and handle with horizontal and vertical adjustment, in addition, it has two handle variations, the more traditional open sight and the “Ghost ring”. No detaili ai for you to check how is the target with each of them.

It has several points to place the bandolier, two at the end, one on each side, a central one on the left side only, because the right side is where the stock is folded and 2 more holes in the stock, although in one .

.. the main function would be to hold the disassembly pin in the field, curious right, but anyway it’s there to be used as needed. It has 4 22mm rails, one on each side of the hand guard, both 11.8 cm and 9 slots each, one at the bottom with 10.

5 cm and 9 slots, this with the bracket installed, and finally, the top with 16.0 cm and 12 slots. The rails are removable, a very interesting feature especially at the bottom, because only then can some accessories be fitted.

Or to make this issue easier, you can choose to remove the frontal brow, leaving the rail freer to accommodate the accessories. With magazine and battery installed, it weighs approximately 2.350 Kg, it feels heavier than that because the weight is concentrated in the middle, but anyway its weight is pleasant for long games.

The external composition is practically all in ABS, the whole body, stock, magazine, retains the charger, brackets and sights are made of polymer. Only the rails, trigger, shot selector and bolt are made of metal.

Internally, essential components like gears, gearbox and barrel (precision) are made of metal, fulfilling the basics for good durability. The UMP is approximately 69 cm long and 33.5 cm high, this with the stock extended and the magazine installed, if the stock is folded it is 45 cm long and the width was 6.

5 cm increases to 10.5 cm, and finally, without the magazine installed the total height decreases to 22 cm. The magazine alone measures 24.5 cm in height, 4.5 cm in length, 3.0 cm in width along the entire length, only at the base that increases to 4.

0 cm Let’s chronize with BBs 0.20g. The average SPF was 337.3 which is approximately 102 meters per second, which equals 1.05 joules, with its 8.4v battery full, its RPS was close to 11. An excellent power for CQB, and at the same time, does not do badly on more distant targets.

This is your box, in it comes UMP, a hi-cap magazine, battery, charger and manual. It does not come with a cleaning rod, something that is interesting to accompany an entrance equipment, and it also doesn’t come with a sample of BBs, which is not a big deal, as it’s always advisable to use quality BBs, but in that case you can’t really forget to buy a bag together, if you won’t be alone when she arrives.

The finish is very good and the construction is solid, with no points that “sink” when pressed, in sudden movements all the components remain firm in their respective places, the only thing that will really shake are the BBs in the Hi-cap, do you know when you hold a business and feel it’s a good thing? So, that’s it with her.

I was happy with the stock, I was afraid the hinge would be a little loose and the stock gets weak when supporting the arm, which fortunately doesn’t happen, the magazine fit also surprised me, it’s very narrow, preventing it from swaying.

What could be a little better is the shot selector, there is a slight “delay”, a dyssynchrony between the keys, but it does its job, that matters. Oh and it may be my stabanagem, but every now and then when I change the UMP I bump into the selector unintentionally and lock it.

It is very versatile in CQB, with the stock extended it already looks good, imagine with the stock folded … you can squeeze in any gap, ahh and this is also very cool for those who need practical transportation.

For those who wear some type of mask, I already notice that the sight profile is low, the face has to be very close for the sight to be done, which is uncomfortable with the mask, so getting her a high aim is very interesting.

It has rails at all important points, only the bottom one, which is a shame, take it out and put it on to get some accessories, okay that in the end it is possible to install the accessory you want, I only say this because it’s a climate break, you know? but it’s quiet.

I believe that most will use the central browband, so the tip is that not all bandoliers fit in this 9 mm diameter by 6 mm tube, in this case the “most professional” solution I found was to use a carabiner.

The Charging handle is not functional in this Umarex model, it is not essential, but it would be cool, especially when other brands have that function. What is even needed is a 14mm thread to install a tip or silencer, this is always interesting for those who exchange the precision barrel for a bigger one or just to make it cooler.

The only thing about the structure that I didn’t like very much is the space reserved for wiring and battery, which is very tight, the wire is all twisted and limits the options of those who want to change the battery.

The only thing that people complain about, and I sign below, is the operation of the hi-cap, who occasionally decides to choke and fail to feed BBs, so I recommend the mid-caps magazines to anyone who will play, because with them UMP works perfectly, but take it easy, if investing in mid-caps is not feasible for you, the hi-cap breaks the branch, he can give you a little money here and there, but you can take it .

.. it is not something “unavoidable”. The performance is very good, you can see a little demonstration in the background on targets at 10 meters, but it reaches cool between 40 and 50 meters, maybe a little more, but from then on it is not possible to demand much, which for her purpose is too good, but if it’s not enough for you, she’ll accept upgrades easily.

With a great finish, composition and robust construction, is a compact and resistant equipment, having an excellent performance in CQB but at the same time it allows you to venture into more open areas.

Your Hi-cap magazine could be better, but even that is not enough to take the shine off this marker a complete equipment with a remarkable cost benefit.


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