General sponsor Planet of airsoft StrikeArt Game pyrotechnics Babahi Airsoft pyrotechnics Airsoft Sports Hi everyone, I’m Evgenivich You’re on the Red Army Airsoft channel And today we will look at the HK416A5 airsoft AEG carbine Which is produced under the Umarex brand And which is definitely an object of desire For fans of the Heckler&Koch This one came from the Airsoft Store They have been bringing a lot of interesting new products And if you are looking for something interesting By ICS, G&G, VFC And other brands from the middle and premium segment Then it is definitely worth exploring their catalog For those who didn’t follow the news from the arms industry The A5 is Currently The latest modification of carbines on the HK416 platform I.

e. Ultra-fashionable and ultra-modern It differs from the classic model HK416D By the length of the barrel and handguard Fully two-way controls As well as accessories with improved ergonomics As I said This rifle is sold under the Umarex brand But the actual manufacturer is VegaForceCompany I.

e. VFC For the end user, this means that By VFC we get excellent exterior quality And by Umarex – authentic licensed HK markings Like a military carbine Well, as far as possible In terms of legislation and licensing I got a model in RAL8000 color But there is also a black version From the point of exterior VFC justifies all expectations All parts are fitted very tightly There are no backlashes There is a very tiny backlash on the buttstock tube Which is a common problem for all rifles with such a buttstock Well, the translator’s right switch play a little The receiver is made of aluminum alloy Aluminum handguard Is made on CNC Anodized coating But the flame arrester The handguard screw The rear swivel The buttstock tube nut The magazine reset button The body pins The forward assist And most importantly the external barrel Are made of steel The steel external barrel on Ms Is generally one of the reasons Why people love VFC Typical flame arrester type A2 Thread for mounting a flame arrester is standard 14- The pistol grip and buttstock are made of high-quality plastic Which is very similar to nylon As it should be for the A5 All controls are two-way Which means you can operate equally efficiently Both right And left hands If you pull the loading handle The shutter blind imitation delays This is very convenient For adjusting hop-ups To close the shutter blind You need to press the shutter delay reset Loading handle with an enlarged key For more convenient and faster tactical reloading Of course, not for airsoft Dust cover as it should for HK416A5 Plastic The right kind Separately, pay attention to the magazine reset button On the right side It is standard as on the M4 series Press – the magazine fell out On the left side It has a somewhat peculiar design And to unlock the magazine You need to press a button While pushing it forward with your finger The movement should turn out diagonally Something like this And for me personally it is quite unusual And requires training Although for sure you can get used to it Basic mechanical, folding sights Folding front sight Integrated into the handguard And folding diopter As it should be – quick detach mount On the one hand Such a mount looks cool and tactical On the other hand In use It is possible by chance Quickly removing the backsight And losing it Owners of such rifles say that There have already been precedents Pistol grip ergonomically shaped Without protrusion in front Very comfortable Buttstock type – HK slim line As for me, it is noticeably more convenient than a thick buttstock on a usual HK416D The removable butt plate Is held on a latch from below At the base of the buttstock there is a two-sided swivel To fasten the belt Trigger guard is increased For more comfortable work with the trigger In thick winter gloves As I already say All markings on the rifle are licensed by Umarex of HK And completely repeat the military analogue Like all HK416 Markings are laser-applied And look very cool It is worth to say that Airsoft markings As an inevitable evil of licensing rules There are too They are on the dust cover And in the trigger area And don’t arrest attention What about similarity In this sense HK416A5 by Umarex is good Correct coating color Markings, accessories and controls Attention to detail pleases Even a gas block, like on a military carbine Can be adjusted for use with and without a silencer Although this is strictly necessary for beauty on the airsoft rifle A bunker magazine for 300 BBs is supplied with the rifle Is made in the form of a standard HK metal magazine With authentic markings As for me On such an ultra-modern gun It looks a little strange More modern P-mags Would look much better here Let’s disassemble the rifle And see what’s inside Hop-up chamber is rotary, plastic Traditionally for VFC, high quality The barrel is brass The window is medium in size Not perfectly processed But we have seen worse Hop-up rubber – with an ordinary pimple Press is standard type roller The walls of the gearbox are standard Are made of alloy, with 8mm bearings In loaded places there are strengthenings Outside there is a two-way fire translator system Cylinder is aluminum Coating is anodizing There is the hole for adjusting the volume of the barrel Plastic cylinder head with one o-ring Plastic piston With seven steel teeth Aluminum piston head With one o-ring Steel spring, not uniform curling Similar to M100 Metal spring guide Quick detach with bearing Motor is standard Contact group is standard Hard wiring There is an electronic key in the base That protects the contact group from burning out It is installed in the gearbox itself Next to the contact group Connector for mini tamiya battery The battery is located as standard Inside the buttstock tube Can say that Inside parts here are standard for rifles by VFC If you don’t plan to tune the rifle for more than 120 m/s It will be enough just To put a hop-up rubber with a flat pimple And a flat press For use with heavy BBs 0.

2 BBs 11.1V battery As a result we have A very high-quality assembled rifle With a high level of similarity And licensed markings Umarex and VFC traditionally keep a high standard of quality The price tag isn’t the most loyal But VFC rifles has never been cheap In this case there is a payment for quality exterior Licenses and uniqueness To buy this rifle you can By following the link in the description In Airsoft Store As usual I suggest to discuss video in the comments Put your confident thumbs up Subscribe to the channel Don’t forget to press the bell See you soon!


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