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U.S. Navy SEAL Impression Loadout Review (Vegas)

U.S. Navy SEAL Impression Loadout Review (Vegas)

you bringing you a review of my gun I’ve got a crane stock I have some buyer come from heaven like this gun sits on an SMS precision one point sling we out of my helmet set up I’ve got an emerson fast ballistic replica i got a custom multicam on the cover on here because it of like the shiny coyote brown in job base color at Keeneland so I got this cover for it on the front I’ve done SMA a vast rod on that I’ve got an SMA l4g 24mpg arm on the Left I’ve got call sling hash there vw3 Vegas weasel third man on the roster I’ve got a blue V light here on the way back I’ve got us Texas own kind of a pouch in a or two and crash on the back and the right I’ve got our American flag here as well as a prince in tech mpls like here in the in black ian has the white light so my heart Grail as well top left got a Mersenne Manta stroke in in green alright so moving on to my second line my plate care I’ve gotten he’ll be t6 with a knife or a multicam various accessories and pouches on here start off on the front I’ve got my medical shooters here ASP trifold zip cuffs here strain people got ir come watch here as well as my cap turning kid in the front insert slot here I’ve got an LBT three mag m4 on the right I’ve got two more k1 20s here in this single Industries double stack and formatting palette 2 multicam behind that tier tactical of a small general purpose pouch where I keep speed loader bb’s dead ray tools I might need on the field left side here I’ve got g-code RTI mounted wheel which I mount my naked dual calm quiet froze on its my push-to-talk it’s just done which is rotted into my radio which I usually in the video in between the tier tactical some up grenade pouch with dummy smoke grenade as well as IR cam right here on the back here lb b61 for to be multicam it’s insulated hydration carrier a 33 ounce source hydro area bladder I’ve also got a whip antenna right here moving on to my first language my belt setup I’ve got a AR one us TS United States tactical Sony Rigger’s belt here our one it’s very good which I do not have I usually have more stuff on here and don’t for the video I’ve got usually a PRL personal attention lanyard here on the back toy soldier and 902 to be in a role once my belt line moving on to my BDUs here I’ve got toy soldier pry style comment share in aor2 on my pants I’ve got for my pants I’ve got toy soldier crust aisle pants and they were one-eyed so from my Footwear Marimo have ventilators in the walnut cushion very good goods sturdy hold up against a train there’s that pretty much wraps up my I love my full load out as of now or a few parts missing whole dress with um you have to look out for another kick video coming out Berlin in the next week or so it’s a Panthers Law Review featuring his new custom US taxes owing Blake here you don’t want to you have too much that away right now so have to wait for that so that pretty much does it if you hope you enjoyed the video if you did please leave a like a comment subscribe to us here on YouTube also please check us out on Facebook and Twitter I will leave links in the description fat so you


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