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are you ready hi guys and welcome to today’s video so today I have another gameplay for you this is some special type of capture the flag right now we are two players from the one team moving around tuck trying to scout out some flags and we’ll just see what happens so go ahead and enjoy the video also 10 G’s person earth if we’re gonna want me sweat in the house Hagen a comely honda Lucinda Harris a while ago ah come on we are both carrying flax at this point so we don’t want to get hit so we’re trying to move back in the woods house who normally I don’t call out people that was just so obvious to me tell me what you think about that while I was managing my teammate the enemy team has pushed up and now we are supported and we’re trying to fight back algebra school testify available it’s all the little worker 5u pison huge of a spawn and you know their bowels in the higher and all the goings going Lainey your helm set the notes afternoon I’m gonna come out Oh Oh backup has arrived and we’re trying to push back the enemy force the boss some time ya gotta have a vest under their son second major league already held oh yeah call of a stoner a girl from our team has called for backup because she’s low on ammo so I have to get out there and support her yeah baby huh melanda body I live alone at this point she’s totally out of ammo so I need to take over for this place here and I’m trying to ask for where the enemies are placed yes we found Oliver’s onda after this it didn’t have much more than the spring for my trigger broke luckily it’s all I’ve been running again my HKS so thank God for that but that was actually all that I have for you today I really hope that you enjoyed this and if you did do remember to hit that thumbs up button also common if you have any questions about the video or anything else and for more videos see you guys


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