Home Airsoft Loadouts Turning my airsoft ak-47 into gold!

Turning my airsoft ak-47 into gold!

Turning my airsoft ak-47 into gold!

jo whatsupp everyone and welcome to TheShootingPyro and today we have something really awesome because I’m changing one Airsoft ak in gold! I have already taken the airsoft replica apart but the airsoft replica i’m using is the cyma ak-47 only my cyma ak-47 is broken .

. But if I get the cyma want to fix I have to spend the same amount of money what I paid for the replica so I’m not going to do that because there is a lot of money for new parts, and the repair costs.

So.. and that’s why I thought let’s make a wall hanger out of it and let’s get this ak-47 GOLD! First you have to take the replica apart and of course you need to have some paint cans always start with the primer and then i have the motip chrome gold! and don’t forget to put something where you can paint so you don’t paint the stuff that you don’t want painted first we start with the ak dust cover but before we start you need vodka to clean it.

you need something to dry off we need some sandpaper and then we start with the primer and when the primer is dry then we start with gold! you probably think why I use vodka to clean the airsoft parts well it’s an ak-47 that’s why XD you should see the airsoft parts are GOLD! this looks beautiful I have a very good idea you know the movie suicide squad and then of course you know the joker too but the joker also had a gold record but the wooden parts were white so we are going to do the same like the ak in the movie suicide squad we’re going to make the wood white my primer is already white so I don’t have to use any other paint and with this primer I paint these wooden parts white so it took a long time to assemble the replica because I had to be very careful because I don’t want to damage the gold but now it’s done and look here how beautiful this golden ak is well I say let’s make some nice shots! I hope you liked the video and I hope you like this ak I think it’s really super cool so give a blue thumbs up, follow me on instagram, facebook and snapchat the links are in the description below and I’ll see you in the next video XD


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