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tsd sd702 airsoft review

tsd sd702 airsoft review

hey guys little gecko keep not gaming little gecko airsoft here with my Friday video I’m sorry this was taken way too long today’s been a really busy day um for me um let me quickly explain what’s going on I had the reason I was going I was going to poke I’m going to record my video last night I’m gonna start trying to record my videos every Thursday and uploading when friday see you guys want us to keep guessing when my videos are coming out so like upload them every Friday first thing in the morning um because it I know it’s probably frustrating for you guys trying to figure out when my videos are coming up now um Emma sighs ooh that what what’s going on is today I had a lot of trouble with because I had to I’ve had I woke up really late and I had to clean my whole house because of we’re having a party tomorrow and yeah so so I’ve been having to clean i was recording this earlier then my camera died in the middle of it and i went over the footage and enjoy the bad so I’m retaking this this is the second take or whatever but it’s kind of later today I don’t know what time it is but it’s not not early it’s probably like five or six or something but city is probably not going to be up until late tonight which I’m very sorry for I apologize I have a different video current uploading currently on my second channel now you guys don’t know about this that’s why when I came in I said little gecko gaming it was a mistake um I have a new channel little gecko gaming if you yes click right here to go to that channel and please subscribe to that channel because I started that a few days ago I have one video out of me playing CS co and if you don’t know what that is it is counter strike global offensive and go subscribe to that channel and subscribe to this channel and it really helps me out also one more thing I need to touch up on like have a video on that channel uploading right now so all up to at the time this is up so just that just to clarify now another thing that I have added to both channels is it’s called them the fan funding so you guys if you want to so you really don’t have to it’s just if you feel like you want to help out and it really would help out is you can donate to my youtube channel and you can pick what Shelly you want to donate to you can donate one dollar you’ve been donate five dollars or you can donate anywhere I get I don’t there’s a button when you click it you can either click one dollar five dollars or you can click this other one you can type in your own amount from I think it’s [ __ ] up from one dollar to five hundred dollars so that’s the range you can donate and I feel I kind of feel bad asking but if you guys haven’t noticed I’m not sponsored I don’t have a whole bunch of guns to review and I think this is like one of my last ones so I’m really running out of stuff to do I will do some more videos hopefully if I get a GoPro soon or a contour camera or something like that to record gameplay with cuz the cameras i have now like if you go check out my warm video it’s really bad it’s really bad cuz had a man on my gun and I noticed I didn’t I don’t have my gun up most of the time it’s on the ground so I’m probably gonna take that video down maybe I’ll just leave it up but anyways love so if you want you can support just go to my channel click the blue I’ll said green and then I also right so the blue support button on the if you’re looking at your screen it’s on the right hand side it should be I think and so you just click that and then you can choose how much you want to donate and that would be very appreciated all the money that I get from that will go towards new airsoft guns and stuff so or Newton chisel go towards my cat my like channel and if I end up getting sponsored and I don’t and you guys donate it’ll go towards better editing softwares or better cameras or just any it’s anything that will help make my channel better so that you guys will enjoy my videos more now now that we’ve touched upon that sorry I had to do that for all you people hear her just came for the review we will go ahead and jump into the review of the TSD SD 70 to now this gun is a spring sniper rifle which is supposed to have 530 FPS with a point to over and B which I have never gotten that out of it um but I it comes with 222 round magazines which is very nice because you can just have one on you and they’re not that they help like rod or anything so they feed up right behind the bipod right here and just clip into place and they are very sturdy like they don’t wiggle or anything and then you get it out there’s a button number there and it just comes out I don’t know if you can see the button but it is right here I really wish I had a camera that could be hooked up to like a bluetooth remote or something to zoom in so I could just send me from here because I’m getting really lazy and not like to stop and start my videos and stuff but now this gun has a safety right here back for safe forward for fire when it’s on safety yeah that’s on say if you can’t pull the trigger when it’s on fire you can what’s on safety still can write the bolt though now this gun does not come like this with the camouflage I custom painted this it I bought mine OD green you can also get a wood finish which actually looks very nice and you can get tan which if that looks really weird don’t get that what you can if you want but that was weird for me it does not come with the scope I took that my I do have another mine off for the purpose of the video comes with the bipod and it has a standard rail on there on there so sling mounts for a two point sling I wouldn’t trust him like I wouldn’t trust him um he’s got a metal piston metal spring guide metal cylinder and everything everything’s metal inside which is good but i have i’ve had an issue if you’ve seen my update video i have an issue with this gun let me show you i pull the ball back right seems normal vegetable for there we go it jams when it goes forward and i really don’t like demonstrating it because it’s and then it will find our last mutual really loud and that really hurts don’t like slam that thing forward so let me show you one more time just in case you didn’t see it so i was pulling it at an angle although now to push it forward see if they like i don’t i don’t know what’s wrong with it I have an idea though I think great you could tell me I think it’s the the L block is up inside of the whole of like the cylinder and so that’s selenite visit this was some of the bolt and it would like it looks like twisted so it’s scrape it and so it pulls back fine but then it twists and it scrapes on the el bloque like i don’t know how i can demonstrate this but if you know what if you know what if you’ve seen one of these before you know what i’m talking about the l block is scraping on the hole for this whole that’s my guess if not if it is tell me and you know if you know it is then tell me if not tell me and tell me what it is because it would boot really great if I could get this thing working and i would probably put this video for sale if anyone wants to buy it um if you guys want to buy it as is broken put a comment in below and just tell me your price and i’ll see because i don’t have a price for it but everything works it means it shoots it still shoots but it’s like getting jammed when it goes it’s probably some simple thing that I’m overlooking but yeah it comes with two magazines it comes ok back back to the review it comes in two pieces upper level receiver and then the lower plastic receiver it is it’s two bolts to install it one it’s right here in the back of the rail and one is right here they come with the two bolts comes with the allen wrench to screwman it does a fairly good job also it it’s fairly accurate the hapa you’re not going to be able to see it I guarantee it it’s right here it’s just this dislike button that you like just slide back and forth like that so it’s very hard to give a minor minor adjustments in the hop-up but anyways that’s the hopple I don’t know which is more hot than which is less hot when I found the best way to experiment which is more often which is less Huff is because it’s kind of hard i miss you can kind of see the BB going but if you have chrono just put it online shoot it put it the other way shoot it whatever has the most FPS is less hot um this gun if you if this is if you’re watching this and you’re like I want to be a sniper and you’ve never had any other stuff guns or anything and this is your first gum I would highly recommend not jb not to get this gun and not to be sniper in general because that’s what i did and it turned out not working at all so just get get an m4 or any aeg AK anything just start off with that then go with like a m16 and just kind of build your way sorry about that um i was saying try out some employ a friend sniper or or rent one or something just see if you actually like it if it works for you don’t just go out and spend your money now this gun was a hundred dollars and i guess for the price it’s worth it except for the fact that mine is broken I mean I really normally bummed out like it should have been taken up space and it’s just having more and more problems for me and if you guys want to buy it as is tell me your press and if you know it’s wrong with it please tell me because I’m just really bummed out about this I I really wouldn’t recommend this gun even if you are even if you already have sniper this is the second one by five better more expensive one sniper like it or if this is your first sniper and you already have one completely decided to know you’re going to be sniper and you tried it out and everything by a better sniper by one that is more a little more expensive and it will work better for you because this no but anyways it has the bipod that is unloaded as you can see just jumps out like that and then you can tighten it like so it’s kind of a pain of the heck there we go it’s also a foldable holds up like that and removable via this thumb screw right here you just unscrew it which I’m not going to do because I needed to support it now it’s fairly accurate that I had it zeroed in on shoot and it that from length you know it’s like a hundred and hundred feet or something and it would shoot and my target was like fairly big it was like this big and it would like 11 hit it dead center then one would go away somewhere Austin way somewhere else so like it wasn’t it wasn’t the Scopes issue that it wasn’t shooting straight so for a hundred dollars I guess it’s okay I really I don’t even know what to say about this gun really just here’s what I have to say don’t don’t do what I did if you’re in the same situation is we don’t do what I did maybe mine’s just a lemon maybe mines bad i guess if you’re watching this to find out if you’re going to buy this gun then i just wouldn’t go find another one something better that’s basically all I can really say I don’t know what else to say but I guess that’s kind of the end of the video um what else do you want me to say um please comment rate and subscribe check out my other channel right here and like I said about the support thing if you want to support I’m not sure if I can set up an annotation sort of thing if I can it’ll be right here alright no no well you’ll be right here and then my channel why they’re gaining channel will be right here so if getting channels support gaming sport yeah now I’m please comment rate and subscribe check out my other channel check out this channel subscribe to everything check out my keep awake Oh got a giveaway going on it’s going to go on so I hit 400 subscribers I’m halfway done with the giveaways i started at 200 now I’m is 300 so look in the description to that video my giveaway you want to get some of that good stuff I hope you guys enjoyed this I don’t you probably didn’t but whatever a comment like rate black and red same thing I think but whatever subscribe and I will see you guys in the next video yeah see you guys in the next video


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