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This is my first game at FORT DE LAON We are small. We will play as a squad. This is our last chance, we have to enter the fort. All of our previous attempts have failed. We go through the back of the fort.

There is little contact with the adversary, they are all on the front. We come behind them I am the squad leader. If a limb is hit, he must return to the respawn and I’m the only one who can get it out.

The land is mined … There are items to find on the land We must find them The terrain alternates between underground and plains It is quite physical We will surprise them, The opponents on the roof prevent our troops to advance We will try to clean the area Shots can come from all directions, we’re exposed We will position ourselves according to the terrain Skyuta informs me of the direction we need to take I inform my boys of the directives Opponents arrive behind us We must keep moving They know where to find us now, we must disappear quickly A few hours later.

.. We are always looking for ITEMS We had 400 bb’s for the day, ammunition is lacking. You have to find ammunition boxes quickly We have been here before, we need to find the missing ITEMS It is important to avoid fighting, priority to objectives.

We must go fast We are closely followed by an opposing squad They probably want to retrieve the briefcase no time to waste, we must join our camp Skyuta makes sure not to forget anything Ammunition! We will succeed in bringing back the case!


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