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TRAC ✔ Loadout #4 : SKYUTA

TRAC ✔ Loadout #4 : SKYUTA

Hi ! i’m SKYUTA, 24 years old, Trac member since the creation and ex-member of MSK Team I play Airsoft since 18 years old (legal age in france) i like several type of field my favorite is forest field because of seasons changes we must adapt to our environment equipment too in winter season, we have to rush because we are spotted from far in the summer, because of the vegetation, we can hide and use our multicam camo this is what i like otherwise, we in the CQB field and i like that too i play airsoft with 2 ways the first is the support like a machin gunner with.

.. A&K M249 MK1 to support ma teammates during our assaults to suppressing the oppenents and allow us to move forward it’s a somewhat aggressive style full auto addict ! the second way to play is about orders, more discretion and most in the back side of fights in this case i use only my M4 GBBR and my best replicas is the RADIO i use my Puxing to coordonate actions and moves with all teams around and coordonate actions of the TRAC so i use 2 ways to play airsoft my helmet is a true Mich 2000 my glasses : Smith Optics with sun glasses kit my combat shirt is a CLAWGEAR and my combat pants, OPS Plate carrier TACTEC 5.

11 m4 pouches and radio pouch medic pouch and back pack warrior assault systems dump pouch EMDOM boots, LOWA ZEPHYRS i have them since 2012, no problems really happy with little message to all players who want me us on the field you have to know that, we really like play on the new grounds i’m sure, there are a lot every where don’t hesitate to contact us or tell who we have to contact to play with you we are looking forward to reading you see you soon on the field, SKUYTA from TRAC ! see ya !


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