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TRAC ✔ Loadout #2 : GOLFY

TRAC ✔ Loadout #2 : GOLFY

So…my name is GOLFY ! I’m 30 years old i’m from “DRAVEIL” near Paris I’m a member of TRAC Team i joined 9 years ago when we called MSK Team so…my favorite job in the team is about MEDIC I have to run a lot but it is necessary to take care of others sometimes, I like to go to the front line by shooting anything which moves the type of battlefield i like to play.

..BLOOD BANK the new field, MILKER, really appreciate ! Helmet : Base Jump ! with fixed on it a flashlight PETZL STRIX IR I use a plate carrier 5.11 TAC TEC, light weight very strong ! my boots : LOWA ZEPHYR DESERT look nice really confortable ! water safe really light weight i’m good with those boots i use a M4 custom with internals modifications inside a POLARSTAR JACK from POWERGUN my pistol is a Tokyo Marui Glock 17 with an INFORCE flashlight really cool ! thank you guys ! have a nice day ! see ya ! subscribe to don’t miss the next loadouts videos Equipments Links in the description below JIM : about your plate carrier ? so, i use a plate carrier TACTEC handleable.

.. really cool ! i can fixed a lot of pouches on it ! JIM : you talk about comfort, you already said that… workability ? i’m not sur that you can use this word for a plate carrier ? yep…but… HAMZA : “friendliness!”


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