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easy-glasses soul and skating of the recon squad I describe my equipment to you So we will start with the shoes of the spyder magnums and 8.0 bought mainly for their prices and celebrations that they are rising with a vibram sole for better cushioning then we have battle slope with the multicam ps with young girls erp integrated buy on rural tikal so very accessible prices compare said betrayed and very comfortable with many pockets we go back with always a fight multicam tshirt to the ps but this time without pad for better comfort we attack the vest hervé s eagle industry with his mbs backpack eagle industry still in multi caps therefore mainly purchased because it is logic I wanted at the level of the back to the past on a low profile call back or a big that what type to take two three days after I decorate it with pocket mostly next condor 4 with quick elastic utilities system putsch here we have the pocket for the talkie a g7 motorola and then we have a security that’s cheap because it is the only compatible with the globes 17 husbands which are slightly larger than the normal coast and then there it is us who stores butch concerning the replicas so there we have a basis on friendly agreement gnp a completely homemade custom piece by piece we have a magpul dr stock with a grip maqbool to load magpul the mags 120 balls here this art is free float kings in 10 inches a barrel actor gnp in 14.

5 to flash haider on fire to rs on resumes here with a flash lite on fire m 662 with sound his deported switch we have sights kong weapons type battle 3 sight of the firm three price indices to note that there remains the 551 which is differentiated from the model 511 because it has the nvg option and internally original gb gnp with raptor x120 and high speed gir prometheus in peace at the egg 17 mareuil custom green foliage all original externally and internal canon pd ll601 original with june up nine ball purple we have a class that ps multicam body embellished with a kind fire in challain with white or blue lighting and a switch here for the infrared that you will not be able to see of course above we have a vg monte chip quite for the aesthetics embellished behind a city has blue here we find another this cavalry for motorola g7 I made a completely homemade custom to have them to be compatible with the helmet to the ps and have a metal hoop all around of the head equipment all personal matters sekkat governors glasses with inside my glasses to be able to frags and in complete safety we find here gloves outside armor an tan very comfortable very accessible at the price level it’s been almost two years say some they are very resistant hello me it’s gilles where the team ms case the party of the spad pondaurat i will you introduce all my equipment I’ll start with my mask, it’s an army of two mask that I have I customized so I added a nursery I added inside the microphone and speaker system that I don’t have attack after I told you about my line of a wmax survey system two employed in employment their relatives on the fire garden in macul chose mccool in lower makhoul because there i broke the one aurélie le pearl extends to tokyo by himself the desert warrior who die clifton so very good very precious this super happy are fighting a fight t-shirt attacks at psg string at ps attacks also with condor touches attacks on the on the belt with under attack this ostertag condor also he seems the paint fight in ps abbas bouillard integrate lots in zéphyr total amount such comfortable super happy and bomb behind I did not to taxed with a multi-table camel bag policy and I like the elegance that are magnum force black camelback i think i terminated so maybe the strap what mac hen m s2 but also a radio so for the most part we are equipped with this radio which is a poisonous 777


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