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me it’s time for pandora msk team squad wheels I showed you today my equipment is going to start from the top this is a helmet contrary to what we did not make home it was how custom made was changed we had like you that inside when I will be directly the non-squad communications we go down this being said remorse transformers or who has been altered the same color level one for you connoisseurs you will easily recognize the signs of a video game if you have the task and auspicious release mag like that quickly on him in the field you can switch between the different magazines we will try several here it’s a beauty fuck condor on which you have doors the loader miami I choose them since we can orient them are the same speed efficiency on the field you had a cartridge belt talking about brand condor all kinds the tax then this is a security it is the tax on which you have less with an almost no works therefore manufactured between the integration with the neck at the bar for sandstone always privileged the speed this is a replica b & w cars carbine of kings been modified with another super clean style you have different systems to attach the gopro this is a shield such homemade ones on which you have my nickname is used according to different scenarios and to finish I spoke to you quickly august in canada for safety is that we can detach we are going to put a good quick blow on the behavior of the food itself this is a rocker attacks we did not read tell you to integrate into that there on the other hand even supports for the shoulders so that the wearing of the vest is more comfortable the pants is a fight think the gps with integrated uncle and knee pads as far as the shoes are concerned are infantry boobs have been playing for a few years, it’s been holding up hello damn, I’m part of the team but in this case I’m co-leader these pandora quads present you my equipment I made sure that my equipment is light because I do a lot of passage on land and the moving fast so first my pants and seduced me grumbles multicam we follow a rare nose with a fighting belt who are in the condors is the bodybuilder match that I was able to equip with bush pockets to load 7.

52 for my replica at once I have so much that melted and the ballarat cinema pocket thousand tqs in which I put to all that they find of itself for fauna and the injuries that are made for parties besides gentleman also equipped with a austere we know that these fights for 1911 I already know you but very practical I have nothing to say we are going more points I put the meaning of my street and the night warriors with 4.

3 loader so very reliable I play with life samaras wishes with subzero temperatures it does not release but you can shoot 8 to 9 bis is enough or patches money you pull your skis against your main replica it’s at 25 quai was that I bought on the web it is a custom made hen so it is sold with the telescope because a magnification x 12 the integrated light and a good photo magnification bipod does not hide from you that it is useless walou with up to 3.

6 but it’s really good the pairs of binoculars have with internal I completely modify everything because exit from packaging stage and not with four years ps I preferred the distance and power so dress me fast and go far and marry blur so throw me it’s a shot a hit normally once these shots and the guy at marc péré must run fast in fact so it’s servers at 1040 gerard mid caps one hundred and fifty two coaches with a capacity of 270 I preferred to put a butt origins type m16 douchez gp for be able to put the battery that I want because how to manage modified internally I come out pretty hard to pull the engine and it requires a lot of energy so to me days the ipo of 1200 million if not for obama at the level of the feet but to equip oneself with zephyr water but basically it’s comfortable but afterwards at the level of the head you must have known me with an internship at cactus hobby but like I can’t aim with a skull in a sniper scope I rather opted for a cashier with glasses and a fence to avoid any bus and other trees


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