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Toxic Airsoft – Funny Stuff – Part 2

Toxic Airsoft – Funny Stuff – Part 2

what is this thing right here is this one of them MP Phibes for law enforcement use made in China everything’s good in China oh we’re going open for me Todd what do you got hidden in there what’s in here open that door time those open if you get a screwdriver what the feel like oh okay okay okay that doesn’t sound stuck they’re staying within the circle the reticle [ __ ] against the window anyway I’ve been wearing the shampoo for two weeks I don’t think it’s going away well I shave off all depute and then how do you wear the chances my head okay no it’s you shampoo each other’s hair well I thinking I’m gonna get like in your bloodstream I know how that works I’m not a doctor just a pharmacy tech you can still back yeah yeah well you just passed your pharmacy tech test I was asking Jim so you got a piece of crabs like someone I know does maybe and they shaved off all their pubic hair and they wore the shampoo for two weeks that’s supposed to work right yeah but now because it’s shampoo I’m putting it in my hair no well that’s why I shaved the pubic region but like the shampoos were you hear that we supposed to do yeah yeah cuz you get rid of all the hair down there they’re going to look for something else that’s why you were there oh [ __ ] that with cactus cactus why don’t you hide in one of those joshua trees just press up against it you know embrace your shots yeah yeah when I read it in a Joshua Tree book okay you’re at it yeah they’re famous for it whoa I told you like it was a book like at a bus stop I want you to running around drop shouting people with that hey hey [ __ ] this up with like people wearing skull mass the mom gave that to you yeah she mailed it also gave me like a candy apple – no it’s cool – bad [ __ ] my god so I think it’s bad and then if you were a cop you’d tell me right you have to tell me if I ask right we have by law they have they have to tell you hey you come no no I’m gonna do some [ __ ] around here I don’t law enforcement no I heard they sent an undercover guy here he’s wearing a skull mask are we [ __ ] you hey hey hey why are you you calling me a narc now I don’t even know you did you tell them how we do the escalation games shoot someone until they get there yes cool


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