Home Airsoft Cheaters Toxic Airsoft – Cheater Hunting – Bunker Defense – Part 2

Toxic Airsoft – Cheater Hunting – Bunker Defense – Part 2

Toxic Airsoft – Cheater Hunting – Bunker Defense – Part 2

figure we run behind the tires but can’t see is from there but do you want to hold up here for just a couple seconds while they watch the crowd or something everybody watch them let them watch it focused over there that’s what we got of our idea already everybody up that way eventually all of them go for it oh no no no I think I’m getting some eyes just stick together before I go forward yea noise over there [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] probably GetResponse huh I don’t you know no oh wait they’re walking out ok there dr.

guys we got to well good then they’re done you see your boy yet daddy no sir we should just laying up you’re going to get that day my ringtone yeah baby all the time you got it yeah fetch it were distracted so it’s nice I think I’m doing the last what’s up oh oh well this is actually a hand-me-down for my brother I don’t know where he originally bought it but it’s the classic army g36 this one I bought on eBay echo1 scar but oh um Eva calm the real stuff either evic and then all the guts are upgraded and then I use these crappy pmags don’t buy these the promised these have bad Springs inside cuz i use mid-cap saline or use a high caps and the springs coil bind and jam like I like running midcaps cuz I try to give a semi-realistic 30 beauties in there


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