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TOWER-DEFENSE | Asgard Siege 2018 | Airsoft-MilSim

TOWER-DEFENSE | Asgard Siege 2018 | Airsoft-MilSim

I will hold this every Erimor soldier in front of his face That are enemies! Go in to the right! Iron, go into the ditch! I can’t stay here! You know what he mean? Yes Delta one, try to get in that f*****g building! Greetings and welcome to Asgard, a polish Airsoft-MilSim with about 1000 players.

Now we are leaving our barracks and wait for the bus, which bring us to the field. There are two factions, beside the civilians: The Erimor and Ostravia. We are playing for the ostravians. The field is a military training ground from the polish army with a big city in the center.

Be sure to activate the YouTube subtitle to understand all German conversations. Thank you! But i can take it back This is also okay. Our first mission is to capture and keep the tower on the airfield.

Fortunately for us, we are in big platoon with Russian style players, some real Russians seem to be also there. *Russian singing* After we reached our starting point on the field, we are moving out together with several other platoons to the tower.

On the Asgard you have now colored markings on you uniform, you have only patches and the player-card. With this you can identify other persons, so it’s much more sophisticated. We have some contacts on our way, but often it was friendly fire.

We are reaching the tower. We need to secure the area now. Take you backpacks, we are moving to the building! They are falling back! Lisa! I need one more. Kalle! Yes! You and Lisa, go over to the tank and watch out for a good firering position.

Repeat Go to the tank! So… Benni! Benni! I’m here! Take you team, move into the forest and build up a defense! Okay? Roger that! Sven, shall we go in to the building? I don’t know. There are already some inside.

Check out how much. Philipp, go to you team and support them. The situation is a bit confusing. Iron, don’t forget to put some guys in here. Roger that. But we are only 8 persons. We can put 4 right and 4 left in defense.

Okay, important is the left side. But we have enough people on the right at the moment. Important is this side Whats about that vehicle? It’s hostile! For luck there are not that much enemies in the area.

Otherwise we could fail embarrassing. Iron, go in to the ditch! We can’t stay here anymore! And delta one, move in to the f*****g building! Lisa, Tetra! Come over here! We go in here. Use my shoulder to get in.

Hold on Step on here Ready? My comrades climb up in to the building on my shoulders. I stand up. Okay Tetra, you are the next. I don’t need. Then I need to go! When you can to it by you’re self, I need to go first! Take it! The door is open, you can use it.

Okay The building is clear. Now we need to get in defending positions to keep the tower. I gonna check the whole building to form my squad up. Main defense need to be in front How much are there? Enough? Here are two, and two are upstairs with one MG.

Okay, I need one person there an watch there. What about downstairs? It’s clear Are there any windows for shoting? Can you shot through the window? One stay here Okay thats it I think. Yes, thats it! On the left is also a window, but left should be save.

The front and the right side need to be watched! Sven, I got movements! Roger that! That should be alies That is the SpezGruppa. Say again! Roger that! I need one person here There is the electronic flag for the tower.

What about here? Are there enough people? Okay, you are here. Here is enough space for others. You stay here you there Are up there enough, Benni? Thats a Ref. This is Sven to all of you, we stay here for a while.

So start relaxing. Everyone has his window and sector. Now we are in position. We are waiting a lot of time. There were only small attacks on the tower. They falling back. Sven! Yeah! I need a hand! Kalle go to your f*****g room, please! Whats wrong? Can someone help me with the door? Whats wrong? We need to close it.

Is someone outside? How does that work? The door has no locking. We are trying to build something to keep it closed. Praise from the company commander: we make a good job! Hey Sven Yes I need some materials We are still waiting now.

In the evening comes a mission, we are leaving the tower. Do you have all your stuff? Yes The mission is to get an ammo depot close to the tower. Take all you stuff with you! There is Igor! Who owns this? It’s from Philipp.

We take the lead. We build up a line on that plain. Build up a line a go in that direction! Thats the best what we can do now. Now it goes! That was the first mission. I hope you enjoined the video. Our second mission from the Asgard MilSim you’ll see on the next video.

Keep up!


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