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Tornado Airsoft Granate | Review und Unboxing | #023

Tornado Airsoft Granate | Review und Unboxing | #023

so also welcome people to a new first game with us at channel today we have a little one gem for you, namely the so-called tornado grenade in the first area it is of course difficult to find the grenade somehow accordingly works you can take a lady grenade throwing can just say there happens unfortunately not filter it can be that people go out but it can also be that people don’t go out Now there are such grenades here like this tornado that I will give you now briefly explain what this does and that you can see here below maybe the possibility to fill gas based on this then the bolt going inside it went up and built some pressure on in you can feel it here once on this page and once on this page you then accordingly ball and you can then with this decision make sharp now the whole thing is of course you have a garden pen here because like every garden is there and you has different holes up here these two holes give the ignition I wanted say speed no the train speed don’t say they are duration that means the shorter you go the shorter the igniter I think one from seconds and 3 or 3 and 5 somehow something it has to be that is when you put the pen in here and pull the whole thing in accordingly civil servants state out so now of course does not happen because there is no gas in it then the following would have happened 12 3 seconds then should the thing of have thrown at 5 because if you have five seconds then you have not much time or you throw and then count your seconds that part The following make it bounce on the floor but it’s not like this part of the surcharge I say explodes or that doesn’t work apart but is it so that it spins and goes through this fast rotation with the gas flings it out of both can the balls out looks very very cool, I’ll give you another action show because that will of course be very very cool if we do the whole one present a bit of action but of course a little the disadvantage of the whole thing is that it is not so good on a soft surface use because that takes time, of course, this turning power that means I have to if that is of course somewhere and then it is very soft and it creates so creates this rotation then accordingly does not work in the forest this can sometimes be problematic so maybe try it in Using an urban area always depends on where you play but I think she’s really cool, we’ve had it twice at events Use it only once for a short time and then I show that it works really well because she has taken a few opponents away and the Of course they were hit because that’s a couple of hundred balls get shot out of it you see again that has such a beautiful one It’s a nice corner away because we’ve already used it but we will also show ourselves to you under normal circumstances so throw light and then I’ll show you how it works but that was so on to boxing and small reviews and something like that it works if you have questions about the part write me below otherwise it was often the time from the tornado rs until the next video servus


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