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Top 5 WORST AIRSOFT INJURIES GRAPHIC #1 (airsoft skirmish fails GRAPHIC)


Hey guys and welcome to listed in today’s video I’ll be counting down the top 5 worst airsoft injuries ever this video is not for the faint-hearted to some clips will make you cry well probably not but you’ve been warned as these are quite graphic don’t worry everyone featured is 100 cent ok and still alive from people cutting out a pellet that’s got stuck in their face the people falling off buildings these are the worst graphic airsoft injuries ever so just for fun comment below if you’ve ever had an injury caused by an airsoft gun and if you like this video then please subscribe to list it for more weekly list style videos and give this video a like so let’s begin the top 5 worst airsoft injuries first up on the top 5 worst airsoft injuries videos we have a sniper standing on a two-story building as he’s getting in position and ready to take a shot he’s backing up and while he’s walking backwards without looking behind him and guess what he falls right off the side of the building if falling off the building was not bad enough just check out all the forms that he falls on from his camera this one reminds me of video game just look at the colors in the video comment below if you agree but anyway this one’s bad check it out next up we have some guy using a razor blade in his face to cut open an airsoft bullet that has gotten stuck in his face well this teaches him not to use only face protection well after this I bet he does watches the pellet pops out of his face when he squeezes it check this out if you can handle it oh yeah dude I thought that the holy let’s come out low but don’t let it hit you bark you’re sticking out late I cannot believe that that man that thing let’s see I wouldn’t do well I got shot in the face with some little snow you know kid next up we have a clip of some guy playing s often using the smoke grenade the only problem is he gets quite attached to the smoke grenade that he’s holding that’s not really a problem apart from the fact that he’d already littered oh you guessed it given the title of the top 5 worst s off injuries he holds it the too long and it blows up in his hands I’m sure you can see part of his finger fly off when the smoke grenades explode check this out next clip we have for the top five worst airsoft injuries involved a group of people playing pretend hostage situation with a member of the opposite team he has been captured and two men put them in plastic handcuffs and escorts him
out of the area two asking questions the only problem with this is the fact that when they start walking a short distance later all freemen trippa and one of the guys lands on top of the hostages head and literally rips one of the DS off his head it took over 40 stitches to reattach his ears back to his head Oh check this out because of JP’s unwillingness to be captured the decision was made to flexi cuff him robo behind the white building I’m sorry man lost clip on this video come to a first-person perspective you follow a guy playing the skirmish Matt and he’s running in and out of buildings and up and down stairs until one time he’s on the stairs and it’s broken and missing a step about 20 seconds on from this he noticed that his shin hurts so lays the camera down which is attached to his gun and looks at his leg and he has a massive gap with blood pouring out of it instead of freaking out he grabs what looks like black electrical tape and wraps it around his wound and more blood starts to pour out this reminds me of the scene from Rambo anyway check this out I’m sorry shit oh god you mean ah fuck oh shit no oh god damn fuck fucking fuck fuck ah ah ah ah thanks for watching the top 5 worst s off injuries ever and if you’ve gotten this far why not subscribe to list it for more weekly live style videos and give this video a like and why not check out my other videos until next time see ya you


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