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Top 5 CQB Airsoft Guns

Top 5 CQB Airsoft Guns

alright what’s up everyone this is basically just a video showcasing my choices for the top 5 CQB airsoft guns and all these guns will fit basically everyone’s budget and we’re going to start from the cheapest gun and get to the more pricey gun and count this down so let’s get this started shall we alright you guys for the number 5 spot they got the KS full metal D 90 this gun shoots approximately 350 to 380 feet per second FPS should not shoot more than 350 I do have a friend that has this gun I’ve tried it and it’s issued consistently around 350 on that the magazine sold 68 rounds and you can buy this gun at airsoft GI for 135 dollars and the package comes with the gun the magazine the battery the charger and the manual so if you’re just starting out in their software you just want a pretty good where you’re on a budget check out this gun I mean if it is very accurate I have tried it myself and I’ve actually fell in love with it and yeah it’s number five spot alright you guys taking a number 4 spot you got the classic army in metal MK 5 a – this gun shoots approximately 350 feet per second it comes the magazine holds 200 rounds you can buy this gun at airsoft GI for 190 dollars comes with the gun the magazine the manual and a cleaning rod and seriously though who doesn’t like in MK 5 as they call it but an mp5 but who doesn’t like that kind of submachine gun one of the best anyways this is just a step higher if you got the money for it it is a little bit better than the e90 check it out it does have a railing on the top so you can attach optics or red dot sights so that’s a pretty good head on right there alright you guys taking the third spot you got the TSD tactical generation two full metal m4 CQB our gun this gun shoots approximately 330 FPS per second the magazine holds 300 rounds and this gun you can buy at airsoft gi for two hundred and eighty dollars it comes with the gun and to count that to hicap 300 round magazines the battery the charger all that stuff you’re going to have to buy separate the more high quality the gun the less likely it’s going to come bump with a battery and all that stuff whether this is a CQB our weapon it’s going to be just freakin great for a CQB you got the money for it and then you’re set basically and it does obviously have a railing m4 is one of the most upgradable guns out there alright i’ve taken the number two spot we got the kwa full metal k m4 sr5 it’s going to shoot approximately 350 to 380 feet per second and you got to be a little careful with what better you use and the limits in your CQB field whatever because this gun will shoot sometimes past 350 depending of course on your battery and stuff like that alright comes with a mag that holds 360 rounds you can buy this gun for three hundred and twenty-five dollars at airsoft gi and it comes with the gun the magazine the manual I personally own a kwa m4 Nazi Chi we are actually a full-length for field and trust me this gun or the kwa is a great manufacturer belts outperform well they stay true to that big-time their internals are great this gun will never break down on you for a long last time and you guys taking the number one spot on the top 5 of CQB weapons as the airsoft GI custom made g4 a 2 series the I say series because they do come in different kinds that different that vary in price range between one hundred and ninety five dollars being the cheapest and 295 or 85 yeah 95 95 being the priciest airsoft gi makes custom great guns right here in this picture you see the flaming hog which is the gun that my friend had that was just reviewed in the last video so just sold for 230 I think that change I think is like 214 hours but I’m airsoft GI a great company or retailer date they made this did you make custom airsoft guns I guess you can call it that go by the name of g4 the g4 series and trust me you guys it’s a great series I chose this not because I’m advertising airsoft GI or because I’m favoriting them I’m just choosing it because for CQB you’re going to want to have something that’s perfect naima this thing they built it with a rail system on it so you can attach flashlights you can attach vertical grips it comes with there’s different kinds of the flaming hog comes with an amplifier the silent death another version it comes with a mock silencer CQB length barrel all that good stuff it’s custom made and it’s right from the get-go you pick this gun up you’re set go ahead go to your CQB place as long as you have your gear on go to the field or let me know sign up or whatever and start playing and trust me this gun is V for a two series will not disappoint this is on a side note the gun to shoot 282 320 FPS remember guys feet per second isn’t everything the rate of fire oh my god rate of fire is beastly this gun is the number one gun for C


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