Home Airsoft Gameplay TOO COLD?! The Hill Airsoft Gameplay (with @airsoft_heldin)

TOO COLD?! The Hill Airsoft Gameplay (with @airsoft_heldin)

TOO COLD?! The Hill Airsoft Gameplay (with @airsoft_heldin)

What’s up peeps We’re in Meschede again Today I’m here with Lara You can’t recognize her, but it’s Lara – Hi! We’re doing another game play video this year And believe it or not it’s about 1 degree celsius so we’re damn motivated I forgot my gloves, pretty silly, I know I’m going to play the HK 416 from umarex, the short version I’m really up for this I think it makes sense for CQB Lara has got the custom Tippmann which we got from Conos HPA when it’s cold like this seems to be perfect We couldn’t collect any experiences with this until now, but we will change this today Another nice thing when it’s weather like this is a spring Our setup for SSG 24 is ready I hope to do some sniper kills today for you We’ll go to the spawn now The game already started Oh man, it’s freezing cold But here we go! First game is completely inside of the building so the sniper rifle isn’t even allowed So I’m taking the 416 now Ready? – Yes! In the first game we had to free Santa Claus He was kidnapped from team blue We had to search and find him and then bring him to our own respawn Lara and me had to get an overview at first Because there were only a few players at the area this day Like this it was kind of hard to find the enemy “Game is running, isn’t it?” – “Yes, it is!” “Why is it so empty in here?” “You have to go completely this way and then one floor up” “We didn’t hear this!” Dead men tell no tales But here we were really happy to hear, where the enemies hid With over 36.

000 m^2 the area is huge There are 367 rooms on 4 floors *noises in the staircase* HIIIT – Okay What’s your colour in the hall? RED It’s red over here, too! – Okay But in the staircase over there is blue – Got it! So the whole path is red, yes? The path over here is red The last door and the staircase is blue Okay Why is this closed? Whaaat? Lara come behind me Okay it’s red on the hall and blue right under us in the stairway One less at blue There is one more After eliminating the two enemies in the staircase we tried to struggle through to the main floor trimerous At this point greetings to my team mate Dude, didn’t you see them? Up, up up! *Some enemies are talking* ***** man dude, I didn’t hit them Wait, wait, wait! Colour? – Red! We’re blue! I know! When you say “we”, means you’re not alone, right?! Here I realized there was no glass in the window on the left While Lara was covering me I could shoot through this hole and take the enemy off the game HIT – Yes, I got him! Nice one! Okay, let’s go further! But wait, there is one left on the left side Rush through! Look, he’s on the left side The door on the left! Very nice, very nice Left door Lara, left door! Take care of our back Lara! Is Santa already outside? Well Here we realized that we completely overlooked one enemy He was in this left door and didn’t had the courage to come out So he could bang me now End of the game! First game is over, we were pretty good It felt like there was no enemy We took out 6 enemies, which is really nice for the stats And we won the game We didn’t find Santa Claus but we found the enemies Well I guess there are only 20 players on the area today Did you count? No, I don’t have a clue Well let’s go to the next round Okay it’s a pistol game now, we’re still not allowed to play our sniper rifle Because we’re still in the building Let’s have a look what’s going on in the staircase *noises in the staircase* *noises in the staircase* I don’t know who was earlier You didn’t even hit me But you didn’t have to shoot It was because I was terrified, sorry – No big deal Well, because he was that afraid this guys just shot but luckily he didn’t hit me Did I hit you? – I didn’t recognize a hit Okay let’s both go out? This situation was not clear but we could clear it up fairly, we were both hit Because of the cold weather Lara ended the game one round earlier than me But I wanted to catch some enemies in the first stairway *noise in the stairway* A blue one would be here team colour? Dude red in the first stairway? Sorry again but there was no team colour on your red arm so I couldn’t see if it was a friend or foe Are you blue or red? *noises in the stairway* *noises in the stairway* Yes, it’s okay Did I hit you at least? Don’t know, but I think so Okay nice.

Guys I’m out! We’re through for today Was only a short game day, because there were only a few people here We couldn’t try this one today unfortunately because it was only CQB so we were only playing inside the building So I couldn’t rush in with this 2,5 joule But in spring we will make good for this Now in winter it’s a little cold I guess this was the last game play for this year And we already prepared some cool stuff for the new year for you So you can be tensed Lara is really happy to go inside where it’s warm now – Yes, my fingers are numb Well, you had the gloves, I didn’t I hope you had fun watching this video See you next week, bye! Oh my god, did you just dab?! 2000 people will see this! – Delete it! DELETE IT! COME HERE, DELETE THIS I have to edit this, this is going to be so nice Shoot on his leg! Noo


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