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Tommy gun Airsoft gameplay

Tommy gun Airsoft gameplay

sup guys are softer wolf here today and we’re doing another airsoft video and I’m using a tommy 20 Brens gun right here is really sucking kind of going bad because he’s using an 8 foot 4 volt battery that guy was already down sizes saying oops adjusting the full auto and stuff on her Tommy 20 is a lot different than an m4 I like it though so bad that Daniel I fire it was also really different to wind the wheel backwards because I’m used to an m4 which is the only one that whines forward so I start shooting right there and he pops right out and here is another round it’s round two with the Tommy 20 it’s gonna end up getting cut short though because my friend drops his gun and breaks it but it’s good right here I’m getting into a cranny because I don’t know I really have a load this gun that greatest and it’s always great to get in a little hole to it load if you’re have to load because this person only has one Mac for his gun which kind of sucks but there are expensive mags and I figured out how to load it all by myself and it was successful it but my friend just dropped his gun and that’s what I’m gonna go check out right now and then I’ll show you it and what happened next time I’m hoping I can join with my friends GoPro and use both of our film for gameplay but let’s see what’s going on but it was a great time like comment subscribe but don’t forget to air saw


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