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Toma de Rehenes (Cámara Drone) | Krytac War Sport LVOA-C – Airsoft Gameplay & Review en Español

Toma de Rehenes (Cámara Drone) | Krytac War Sport LVOA-C – Airsoft Gameplay & Review en Español

Hi, my name is Galán and this is Infamous Airsoft Today, im in middle of a very special airsoft day, testing a rifle that I want to try from a long time I`m talking about the new Krytac War Sport LVOA-C sended by my RedSpot friends This is a high-end model, with very fine details and finishes It counts with the original gun manufacter War Sport licensing.

.. At a glance, its originality and aggressiveness stands out The gun is Full-Metal and very solid, and this version, which is the longest… Measures 3,4″ and weighs 5.5 pounds Externally, besides the handguard, the CNC licensed 90º trigger, and the.

.. Ergonomic pistol grip DEFIANCE stands out The stock, its an exclusive Krytac model which its too practical It has many space for batterys and its very easy to access The stock also has 5 positions very easy to change between them.

The sights are adjustable but not collapsible, following the classic Krytac style It has a functional charging handle, which give an easy access to the rotatory hop up regulation And the fire selector is ambidestrux.

.. On the chronograph, the LVOA-C register around 405FPS with 0,20 bbs This translates into a big fire range which rounds the 65-70 meters The trigger response its amazing… That, thanks to his 30K rpm hi-torque motor and the integrated mosfet.

Now it`s time to run this gun at the field… And for that, im gonna change the spring from 120 to a 100, to comply the field FPS rule. The game will be “Hostage Taking” Each team starts on a field side, and for win, needs to have the biggest hostage number When you`re hitted , you must stay in place.

.. If a teammate reach you, you can respawn at the starting point… If an enemy reach you first, you are a Hostage. “I’m going to cross, so you’re attentive to save me” The enemy team comes from the warehouse.

.. So, the only way to take hostages will be go straight into their ground. Nobody follow me, so im gonna wait until the right moment… ¡DAMM! – II didnt see you – Its cool, you are the only one who go forward.

I found a channel fan, but for his bad luck he become in the first hostage. I came back to game.. And i pretend to go straight for more hostage trough the breach i create. One of my teammates needs help in the front – bang bang – “I hit you first!” – “I hit you first!” – No dude! “I hit him first with the electric pistol” (talking with the referee) – “Hey, come with me you are a hostage” – I call the bang bang first Now we have 3 captured hostages, an I pretend keep moving forward through the same breach.

.. I was hitted, but luckily for me have a teammate on my side, and he revives me to go back to the respawn. The LVOA gives me a long range, and that helps me to clear my advance A lucky shot! Now i have to pick the enemy.

Time to collect! – “Let`s go” 3RD HOSTAGE The warehouse entrance its dominated, now is easier to get in… TEAMMATE SAVED There`s two enemies waiting to be picked at left… Im gonna try to go for one of them.

– “Let`s go” 4TH HOSTAGE – “We have two on the left” TEAMMATE SAVED – “Lets go 5TH HOSTAGE We have a lot of captures hostages, and the game it`s over… The victory is for us Now we have a new mission, we need to dominate the embassy Our enemies have a perimeter to defend a construction Our mission is get into the bulding before 10 minutes and take a flag inside.

.. For this objective, we have unlimited respawn… We just need to get back to the starting point. Im gonna try to take the left, but behind parapets theres a lot of enemies with great firepower. – “They are retreating” Itake down two enemies, and now have a very advantageous position – “Need support here!” – “One less.

..” – “Hitted!” Now i must go to the respawn… Fortunately, our team is going forward in the right way, eliminating many rivals… So now its time to the final jump! – “There`s one inside!” There`s no more enemies in the perimeter, so its possible that the rest are inside.

– bang bang! I was eliminated for an enemy that was hidden… But luckily, there a lot of teammates going inside, And the victory was imminent I hope you liked the video, and you enjoy the new drone shoots Remember to suscribe and follow me in Facebook and Instagram.

.. And if you like the Warsport LVOA-C, remember to follow the link in the description or the RedSpot website To watch other Krytac guns videos, click the thumbnail… To suscribe the channel, click my logo.


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