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Tom Clancy’s The Division – High End Loadout

Tom Clancy’s The Division – High End Loadout

hello everyone and welcome back to the division before we get started on today’s video I do want to mention a few things about destiny on my channel as you may have noticed there has been a decrease of Destiny content on my channel over the past couple weeks and really that’s more because there’s not really a whole lot going on as you may know we are going to be getting a sweet update in a few weeks and we’re going to learn a lot more about what that update is going to contain on Wednesday so tune back in on Wednesday for my coverage on that content but until then I’m just playing another video game I’ve been playing majora’s mask on the 3ds it’s one of my favorite Zelda games and it’s also helping me pass the time until that sweet sweet new destiny update but I hope you guys have been enjoying the division content on this channel it’s a fairly similar game to destiny in a lot of respects but it’s also very very different it has a completely different play style completely different feel a completely different pace and progression system it’s a lot more of a deeper RPG then you might think just by looking at it I’m happy I’m playing it because it’s going to provide a lot of really interesting perspective for other games like destiny so I wanted to just take a minute and reassure everyone that this is still primarily a destiny channel as soon as there is new content to cover you will see lots more videos on my channel my goal is to always update 2 to 3 videos a week but that’s as long as there is content to cover and I’ve planned out the next couple weeks worth of content so you can be rest assured that there’s going to be plenty of Destiny to talk about especially with these bungee streams so if you’re watching this video or subscribe to this channel because you want to see more destiny videos believe me i want to make destiny videos just as much as you want to watch them so hopefully we’ll have a lot more content to share pretty soon but moving back to the division for now just wanted to show you guys my end game progression as it stands at the moment i played a lot of dark zone I’ve played a lot of hard missions and launching missions and I almost have a complete high end gear set you will quickly realize that the key to success after level 30 is going to be in high-end weapons so i thought i’d share my thoughts on a few of the high-end weapons I’ve had a chance to get my hands on so first up we have the vector which you can actually get the blueprint from from your advanced vendor in the tech wing and I’ve actually like this weapon quite a bit I didn’t play with very many smgs during the campaign but I have to say this one’s pretty good the one that I have has a few really interesting perks on it the first one is called deadly critical hit damage is increased by twenty six percent and vicious critical hit chance is increased by thirteen percent while at a full health then I have competent weapon damage is increased by thirteen percent for ten seconds after using a skill so you can see a lot of perks that are going to stack together really nicely to get you a lot more increased dps which is something the SMG already has a lot of I have to say I really enjoy the way it fires it was a little unstable but I put some nice mods on it and all of that really helped to become super buttery smooth the only downside with this weapon as well as any other SMG is that it’s for relatively close quarters you can expect maximum efficiency at close to mid range targets the next weapon is the pack n is actually the first high-end weapon that I got a light machine gun and I just bought it straight up from the vendor the perks are pretty decent on it it’s got Swift reloading is thirteen percent faster destructive armor destruction value is increased by eighteen percent while using this weapon and ferocious which is damage against elite and named enemies is increased by thirteen percent so overall a lot of perks that are going to stack really nicely against a lot of those endgame enemies had a lot of really good success with this it seems like I can just hold on to the trigger for a good 20 seconds or so before runs out of ammo but this will probably fall to the wayside as soon as I find a really nice marksman rifle that I have been for for quite a while now which actually leads me to my third weapon which is the police MK 17 it is another really good weapon that I picked up I just really wanted a marksman rifle and it was tired of not having one so I just ended up buying this blueprint from the advanced vendor up in the tech wing and if we take a look at it the perks are pretty good on this one the magazine size for this is a lot more than it should be as well as the same with my packet actually is you might have noticed the magazine size is huge and that’s because this one actually has a weapon mod that gives it an eighty-three percent increase in magazine size which is pretty insane but if we go back to the police MK 17 it also has an extended mag as well of seventy-eight percent so this one has a lot of bullets in the chamber I’m not a big fan of the high rate of fire low impact rifles I rather have the rifles do a lot more damage per bullet so I’m still looking for a good replacement for this one as I get shot in the face by the shock of it let me quickly take care of these guys as they’re being super rude for interrupting me while I’m trying to show you guys my stuff back here what’s your face so yeah these are pretty great weapons they got me through for you hiding yeah get me through the hard mode give me through challenges and especially with this marksman rifle I actually haven’t gone into a challenge since I got this so I’m looking forward to not dying a billion million times as I can shoot from relative safety now as you may have noticed a lot of the talents on my weapons have yet to be unlocked and that’s simply because I don’t meet the stat requirements to activate them the division has a very interesting talent system where you have to meet the stats in order to activate that talent which is pretty cool I dig that a lot but I am being held back by my current gear so as soon as I find some better gear with additional mod slots I’ll be able to get those stats a little bit higher up so as you know incursions are coming in April and until then I’m working at my dark zone rank i’m currently at 26 hoping hit 30 so i can start buying some of the gear from the vendors and i’m also playing a lot of hard mode missions and challenging missions just to get as much gear in parts as i can for creating some more of those blueprints the cool thing that I’ve noticed about the divisions end game so far is that I still feel like I have a lot of progress to make and for now decided to focus on building a really good high dps high skill power build and that’s simply because a lot of the talents in my weapons kind of cater to that right now ultimately I think I’ll be happier with a high health skill power based class something more supportive for the team but it’s going to be some time until I collect enough high end gear that’s going to complement that building for those of you who are playing the game and have reach level 30 what are you guys focusing on now what kind of high end gear are you looking to get so far my favorite weapon is the vector that I have it just shreds through enemies and I’m really looking to get a sort of higher impact for bullet m1a I used a really great superior quality m1a for a lot of the latter half of the campaign but it just doesn’t have the dps for right now and I can’t wait to replace it if you guys are enjoying my division videos drop a like below if you can subscribe for more content and I will see you all next time


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