Home Airsoft Reviews Tokyo Marui Sig Sauer P226 E2 Airsoft Review.

Tokyo Marui Sig Sauer P226 E2 Airsoft Review.

Tokyo Marui Sig Sauer P226 E2 Airsoft Review.

hello guys welcome back to another video review of the six Sauer p226 e 2 and the e 2 stands for enhanced economic s– so I think the only thing that’s different is the grip it’s more comfortable to hold if you have smaller hands my hands are large but I still like it it still is very comfortable compared to the old one so let’s get into it this is the box yep just a box manual don’t I have to look at hop-up tag and this is just the plug that plugs the barrel when you get it all right here we go all right here’s the pistol get this other way so you can see better all right it’s a pretty large pistol is pretty thick here so when you have a your grip isn’t going to be too high but this I really like this pistol anyway even though it’s a lower grip the thing I love about it is there’s no crazy safety so say you [ __ ] your pistol and there’s a round in the chamber the Hammers back to safety it all you have to do is D [ __ ] it there’s a decocker lever right here you pull it down it D [ __ ] so you can put it into your holster now and there’s no safety you have to switch on and off when you pull it out you just get a double action trigger pull so when you pull it will pull back and then it fires but when it fires the slide will rack back and then it’ll be single single action from there so this would be the single action the trigger pulls much lighter and this is double action so now the trigger is back into its original position so now it’s a lot harder to pull back for double action all right so let’s take a look at the pistol here’s that the e2 logo I’m not sure if I really like that it’s kind of I don’t know it’s white and it’s bright the slide is a slightly different color than the body for the e2 I like that it is pretty cool compared to the original the older version it’s all black and the grips the grips are like one piece it wraps around and it’s much smaller so you can grip your pistol get a better grip on it right here is the slide lock so if you want to lock the slide it’s here last shot it will stay locked back and then you can just push it down to let the slack go forward this here is to take the slide off all you do is slide it down like that so easy the slide comes off now I upgraded some of the internals here this piece where the spring goes on I upgraded to an aluminum aluminum one because the original has this little tab here and I was worried it would snap off eventually so I got it goes right in there so this is the same piece bugs aluminum and it won’t break so I got that I also bought some extra parts here I’ll show you I bought a heavier spring I’m planning to get the Garter kit with the little navy symbol for the e2 this will just help the slide rack back because it’s heavier metal and I also got this piston head for the nozzle inside here it’s really easy to put in it’ll just work it won’t break the one in here I have it in here until it breaks and I’m gonna replace it with this this one’s really good it it’s so I can use green gas and nothing will direct I also upgraded the barrel inside it’s a tight bore barrel this is the folder barrel the new one is a six point one oh wait I think it’s a six point one nine millimeters so it’s pretty tight so you have to get good bb’s so it doesn’t wreck it and then to just put the slide back on it’s really easy just slide it in and switch that up there you go very easy there’s all the trademarks here I don’t know if you can see it this camera says a nine millimeter para right there the Tokio Marie and the number and and then it says six are p226 here and also on the grip I don’t know if you can see that very well the sights are nice too they have the white dots you just line them up like that yeah so if you’re into speed target shooting timing your your draw speed and taking down targets this guns really nice because all you got to do is just pull it out and fire there’s no safety you have to undo the mags that come with it there’s two kinds of mags here there’s the older version here it has like a little line through it here and the you have to fill the bb’s at the bottom it doesn’t go all the way through but this one you can fill the bb’s anywhere here so it’s pretty nice this one the thing I don’t like about this one is the bottom is pretty thin compared to this one the thicker one just looks better in the gun here’s the thicker one it just matches nicer you get an extra little space for your pinky and this one just looks kind of awkward in it a little I don’t know what you guys think so yeah I’m planning to get the Garter kit and I think you’ll look really nice on this this gun I love it this gun is great its Tokyo Marui so can’t go wrong they’re always going to be great it fits in a Serpa holsters and fits perfectly so if you get one of those holsters will fit I’m not sure how the other ones will do in the circle holsters like the Wii I’m not sure if it will fit but this one fits so that’s good and I am going to be reviewing some other stuff soon and I hope you enjoyed this review if you have any questions please leave a comment below and like if you enjoyed this video thank you have a good


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