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Tokyo Marui PX4 GBB Airsoft: unboxing, chrono and shooting


Let’s see what we have here AsiaAirsoft Invoice PX4 Gas Blowback Series. Tokyo Marui A shinny silver box, very nice the manual I’m not openning it now bag of bbs little accesories for dry shooting cleaning /unjamming rod this is made of foam these are accesories for the pistol grip, for different sizes of hands let’s see which one is the best for me nothing here, but it has the shape for the magazine and here it is the pistol I was waiting for it is much heavier than expected it is very comfortable to hold, it has a safety red cap this is the pistol beautiful it is plastic but looks perfect, almost like metal metal magazine, 25 rounds the mag is big part of the weight of the pistol very very comfortable to hold very happy with my purchase this part is to change the size of the pistol grip but I think this one is the perfect size for me safe on safe can’t shoot double action when you cock it, this inner part turns I really like it Now I will pass it by chrono to check the fps 286 fps 288 fps 280 fps 279 fps 277 fps 276 fps 277 fps I was using here the accesories for dry shooting shooting at 15m Finally just to show you that this pistol is not only compatible with its own (brand) magazine Tokyo Marui It is also compatible with We Tech magazines It says Cal 9 para They are very similar No problem


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