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Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Shotgun Airsoft Review | Deutsch [Eng Sub]

Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Shotgun Airsoft Review | Deutsch  [Eng Sub]

Hello. My Name is Bruce Welcome to the BB2k Channel Today i show you the Tokyo Marui M870 Brecher i wish you much fun and do not forget to turn on the subtitles today i show you the Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher you can buy it in Germany since 3 weeks for 339,-€ it can be ordered from waffenostheimer.

de the box looks very nice. Now we take a closer look at the contents. in the box is a manual in Japanese / English with a few targets A Guide in German is also included. Content: handling, care and safety advice.

how to switch from 3 Shot to 6 shot….. etc. The usual Airsoft instructions:-) The open box looks very nice. You can put it in the display case A magazine in shotgun style is included. It has a capacity of 30 BBs it is compatible with the old TM Spring Shells.

in the accessories box is a red safety cap. The cap can be put on the barrel if you want. and a pack of 6mm BBs. you can not miss:-) in this little box is the gastank. it can be insert as a pistol magazine One filling for 2 -3 magazine.

Here you see the valves (output / input) if you press here. The gas tank can be removed from the grip. Now I will show you the Breacher. The shotgun has a weight of 2 kg and is made of metal. except the charging handle and the handgrip are made of solid plastic.

20mm Rail on Top Receiver a sling mount on the top behind this cap you can store a shotgun shell in the handguard barrel . good idea but I find it impractical.Get a shell out of my pants is much faster đŸ™‚ This button opens the magazine bay a safety exists.

The trigger is blocked when the safety is active. The Breacher have a 3 or 6 shot mode. To select this, you must “pump” the handle back and switch the little selector. let’s look more closely at the “Breacher” everything is metal except the charging handle and grip.

with a length of 520 mm, it is ideal for CQB it can be performed with only one hand. That looks cool! but with a weight of 2kg …. you need a good breakfast:-) I like the gas tank system. The gastank has a capacity of 2-3 magazines.

you can fire up to 30 rounds. insert the gastank like a pistol magazine. quick and easy. changing the gastank at the M870 Tactical is more complex. However, the capacity of the Tactical is higher! the shell system from Marui is awesome.

30 BBs have space and load goes very quickly. insert the magazine is also very quick. “pump” and you ready to go. The principle of the Marui shell is awesome. Other manufacturers use sticks magazine. This is not practical in the game.

if you in hectic. you have problems with a rapid magazine change. The Marui system is elegant. open the magazine box, gather the empty shell and insert a new one. All this takes only a few seconds. The marui Shell has been around since the 90’s the Springgun TM Franchi SPAS 12 and TM Benelli M3 Super 90 use this shells I show you now the markings.

you see a serial number, the Description MODEL M870 on the barrel you see the caliber 12GA on the other side TOKYO MARUI and the “F” for Germany and the importer There are a lot of markings. Now I will make a chrono test for you.

manufacturer specifications: 300 FPS / 0.8 joules. will see what I can do. I have loaded only one BB per magazine! this does not distort the result. In 3 Shot mode, the Chrono measure wrong. The values range from 308 to 280 FPS Before I show you the Targets.

The Breacher has some very cool! this is so cool. I need to put on my glasses đŸ™‚ the Breacher has a cool feature. I’m on the RAP trip: “The Breacher have a feature” I speak of the SLAMFIRE mode. This is the macho mode for real men đŸ™‚ hold down the trigger and move the charging handle back and forth You can order a large BB shower for your “friends” is it cool? Now for Target Shooting And now the Pro & Contra of the Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher Actually, we have only Pro: Full Metal, very solid quality, the same system like the big brother .

.. the M870 Tactical the Breacher has the better gas tank system. Easy to load You can select between 3 and 6 Shot mode. 3 shot mode you have 300 FPS. In 6 shot you have 250 FPS The shell system is great.

You can also use this shells in the old spring guns from Marui. Really great: The pumping sound! That sounds like the real steel, if you compares the sound with an old Marui shotgun. Also load is harder with this spring shotgun.

you have a lot to work. Good for the muscles:-) Thanks to the gas system. The Breacher can load very easily. I can recommend the Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher. For 339,- Euro you get a very good Airsoft Shotgun! Thanks to the 3 barrels it is very precise in 3 and 6 shot mode.

the only negative: it has no shell ejection. shell eject is not for the player. Shell eject is something for Airsoft collectors. The collector does like to collect things. Why not also collect shells:-) If you want to buy the Breacher in Germany.

Please go the webshop on www.waffenostheimer.de. you are doing nothing wrong. You’ll have lots of fun This was my review of the Tokyo Marui Breacher. I hope you liked if you want to support me. Please click on subscribe or give me a “like” I hope to see you again.

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