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Tokyo Marui KSG KELTEC Airsoft Review Deutsch | English Subtitles

Tokyo Marui KSG KELTEC Airsoft Review Deutsch | English Subtitles

Bruce here BB2K Airsoft Channel Great to have you here again today is pump action time I have got a shotgun for you Not an average M870 shotgun Today I brought something modern a Kel-Tec KSG and this one is from Tokyo Marui which guarantees qualitiy But I won’t talk much longer I chamber a round and we get startet with the review off this super cool weapon Here I am again so let’s get started with the scope of delivery of the Tokyo Marui Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun which was provided by Waffen-Ostheimer for this review there is the logo There you can buy the KSG for approximately 399€ (as at August 2017) I put the links in the video description below But now we get finally started with the scope of delivery The Kel-Tec KSG is in a Marui typical stylish box with a really great illustration of the shotgun on it also inside the box is Marui typical eye-catching the Kel-Tec KSG is representative and securely placed inside the scope of delivery aside to the airsoft contains: a magazine in shape of a shotgun shell a gas tank which normally is in this little box Then we have a little bag of BBs, an adjustment tool for the sights and a red barrel plug which are here in de “Accessories” Box And of course original (from T.

M.) manual of the KSG, a german manual by Waffen-Ostheimer, some targets and japanese warnings and last but not least a cleaning rod and a loading tool Now the real steel part. Here i have a authoritative and brute shot gun monster which is against the stream of the popular M870 and this it does absolut perfect in contrast to the classical M870 the Kel-Tec KSG is in modern bullpup design which reduces the total lenght of the shotgun quite a lot without reducing magazine capacity the special thing about the Kel-Tec KSG is the double tube magazine which you can see here really good.

It can hold 6 shot in caliber 12mmx70 (12 Gauge) in each tube which makes a total of 12+1 in the chamber for the Kel-Tec KSG 13 shots with a total lenght of 660mm and a barrel lenght of 470mm and a weight of 3,1kg If you compare that to a classical, long M870 Remington it is a bit different.

I have the very long version with 7+1 shots a little bit shorter would be 6+1 here we have a weight of 3,4kg which is quite ok but we have a lenght of 978mm which is a little bit bulky especially for CQB I show you both in comparison I put it in front of it Here you can see the Kel-Tec is quite shorter, more compact and much more modern The shotgun shells are placed in here behind the grip As I said each tube can be filled with 6 Shells Something special on the KSG is this selector switch If in middle position, it alternately loads the shells from each tube and for example in this position it only loads from this side and positioned like this from the other side This is an advantage for tactical reasons For example: One Tube only Buckshot, the other one normal pellets So you can change according to situation with the selector switch what’s needed As you see the KSG is a technically innovative shotgun whch is not only looking good but also has some interesting features This young Shotgun surely is produced by Kel-Tec and available since 2011 and will be further developed The Kel-Tec KSG is not to be found in governmental use very often.

Some Special Forces are using them But for normal people maybe more important: If somebody wants to see it in a movie it appears in “Terminator Genesys” and in one of my favourite movies with Keanu Reeves as “John Wick” who is shooting a lot with the KSG and gives some impressions of it.

I put some video links to the real steel version in the description below where you can see some KSG action Let’s admire the airsoft replica of Tokyo Marui what means we start the Bodycheck I saw it in movies and on photos and was fascinated of its brute optical appearance really impressed by this weapon When i picked it up out of the box i thought “somehow cute” It looks brutal and impressive but because of the bullpup design its really good to hold, short and compact 1 to 1 replica with perfect quality made by Tokyo Marui It won’t only make collectors happy as we have all markings but also the player because it’s an innovative well known system from Tokyo Marui Later more.

…but….the best with this Kel-Tec KSG. As you see I’m smiling although i have not shown it yet is the sound of reloading Listen Beautiful Music. I tell you it is music. Just a dream. The Marui KSG is a plastic metal build with nothing really to complain about except the pump action grip which is a little bit wobbly in my opinion All other parts are fitting very well and are of good quality You can say everything which is made off plastic on the real steel is also made of plastic on the Marui But there are some exceptions which i will show in the details The plastic is fixed and stable Nothing is creaking or wobbling (except the pump action grip) The grip sounds a little bit to hollow That’s because It is hollow just like the original Before we go Chrono Testing we make a short summary I’m going to shoot 6 shots in 3 BB-Mode and then 6 shots in 6 BB-Mode That was the Chrono-Test and now we go to the details and functions I show you the Tokyo Marui Kel-Tec KSG a little bit closer outer barrel, magazine tubes, toprail, parts of the sights, sling mounts and cheek rest are of made of metal The rest is high quality plastic The toprail is made of non magnetic metal which could be aluminium or zinc The front and rear sight are flip ups made of plastlic with metal parts Metal parts are just the sights themselves The front sight can be adjusted in height with the tool and the rear sight can be adjusted in side with a little wheel Flipped down there are also sights which are somehow useless because of the low line of view If needed there can be mountet all common red dots on the rail for example this AimTech Red Dot which makes the Kel-Tec look really stylish For those of you who wants more stylish extras the KSG has also a rail on the pump action grip made of plastic It is recommended to put a grip on here I have one JBU Grip here with a soft rubber feeling it fit’s without problems and mounts tight Now you have absolut John Wick equipment Makes a lot of fun, hope you could hear me because of the loud: Ehm.

.. Nope -Editors Note Now it’s time for the markings Here we have mix of original markings and airsoft markings On the Rail we have T20 to T30 On the right side: “KSG”, Calibre “12 Gauge 3″”, “Made in Japan” and the “F” in a pentagon with importer markings On the left side we see “Tokyo Marui CO, LTD.

“, “COCOA FL, USA” and “KSG” On the Sights there is also a “T.M. Japan” Not bad the markings, as you know i would not miss the T.M. Markings and this Made in Japan but it’s on just like the “F” in Pentagon and importer logo which Waffen-Ostheimer made really descreet Thumbs Up for that And now I’m going to show you the functions of this T.

M. KSG The KSG has the same technical concept as the M870 Which means there is a gas tank Here is the fill in valve The good thing on this gas tanks is the capacity WIth one Charge of Gas you’re able to shoot approximately 70 Shots which is pretty great And how it’s loaded in the gun? Pretty easy, you have to remove this rubber pad Without Fingernails it can be a little bit tricky that’s why i prepaired it for you to look easy You have to go in there with your nails to pop it off Once it’s open, just put the tank in there with a little bump to avoid gas leaking Gas tank is in the gun, rubber pad back on and ready Let’s continue with the 30rd magazine in shell form absolut stylish and for those of you who already have a T.

M. Shotgun: The Shells can be used The BBs loaded with the loading tool or a speed loader in here The loaded magazine has to be put in de left tube The right magazine tube is a reservoir for two extra magazine which are loaded in a row Here in the middle, like on the original is the magazine selector.

It’s movable but has no function on the Airsoft Reloading is a little bit tricky but can be done fast with some training Press right mag release, eject old shell, rotate weapon, press left mag release, pick new shell and reload Nearly as tricky is reloading from the mag tube is reloading from outside Same precedure but a little bit different Press right mag release for dropping the old shell, put in a new one and done Looked fast, but i trained it a bit It’s a bit tricky at this point For comparision I show the reloading at the T.

M. M870 You have to put the shells in here Take a look how fast it can be reloaded Really fast reloaded In this point the M870 series is better But the KSG is not bad. It means practise, practise, practise We continue with the 3 Barrel System If i look in the Barrel, you see the 3 inner barrels with a lenght of 260mm .

What seems to be short in my opinion if you take a look on the outer barrel with ~500mm the inner barrels could have been longer for maybe more precision You can switch the KSG on 6 BB-Mode which means 2 BBs per Barrel I show you where it’s done You have to open this hatch by pushing towards the muzzle and lifting it up Be careful because the plastic lips can easily break Here you find the selector switch for 3 BB-Mode and 6 BB-Mode In Contrast to M870 there is no slamfire possible Tis means you can’t hold the trigger and simply pump to shot As you see the pump action mechanism is blocked You have to release the trigger first Fire, reload, fire, reload.

… You have to train to shoot fast because the way to reload is a bit far The safety is above the grip The red F for Fire When pressing in… the S for Save appears on the other side Safe means you can’t pull the trigger but you can reload I have talked so much about shooting so now is the time to hit the target.

I’m going to Shoot 10 Shots in 3 BB-Mode change the shell and shoot in 6 BB-Mode 5 times distance is 15m with 0.2g Bio BBs and I’m excited to see how the BBs will hit the target I start 3 BB-Mode That were 10 shots I change to.

.. in the 6 BB-Mode That were 6 shots and I have to say as far as I see it from here all shots hit the target and it looks pretty destroyed. I’m happy with it And here we are with the Pros and Cons of the Kel-Tec KSG by Tokyo Marui We have a abolut exotic replica.

That makes me really happy Another M870 would have been really boring like another M4 I’m happy Tokyo Marui was brave enough to release this exotic gun Which they made in a really great, high quality way 1 to 1 replica with markings, high quality plastic, a lot of metal The whole system runs great without problems Cool Pump-Action sound.

Really loud at the KSG I can imagine you are heard and feared across the whole battlefiel with this gun and me as player don’t even hear the others yelling “Hit!” because I’m pumping the next shot into them.

The others really have to scream “Hit”…what they probably do when i pump a whole magazine in them Precision was ok on 15m even without a HopUp System No problem, good Job from Marui We have good Marui 30rd magazines in shell form, good optic, easy to carry, good price Also the shell reservoir in the magazine tube is a good solution made by Marui We are able to carry two extra magazines in the right tube On the left side is the active magazine so you are able to switch fast In contrast to that you had to open the magazine tube at the front end of the M870 and so on.

.. …nobody did that. It was an akward system Here on the KSG it’s a better solution Last point: gas yield. With one charge up to 70 Shots. That’s awesome That were all pros We go on with the negative points I have to mention that: The fix HopUp I don’t know why Marui hasn’t made an adjustable one Maybe the forgot it.

.. or technically not possible i cant imagine that because Marui is a smart company Don’t know. Maybe there will be an update. KSG Service Pack 1 with adjustbale HopUp Second negative point the inner barrel is only 260mm long they could have made it a bit longer for more precision I don’t know why they didn’t do that Realoading the shells from the reservoir it’s a bit tricky you have to practice that and thats because of the system you problably can’t solve that on a different way but as you could see it can be reloaded pretty fast not as fast as the M870 reload but fast enough We have no slamfire, also not dramatic but woud be a cool feature So you have to pump and pull the trigger for every shot What I’ve not mentioned yet is the risk of injury As you see I have my finger on the safety button the safety finger can be really unsafe in this position If i pump like this it could hurt my finger But if you once clamped your finger there you won’t do it anymore Next point: Front and rear sights.

Made of plastic with metal parts. I don’t know why They could’ve been made all of metall The Grip is a little bit wobbly Last point: price of 399€ (by August 2017) is upper limit It’s expensive but not dramatic expensive when I’m thinking about it’s a Marui It’s okay.

I don’t want to complain about it. As you just saw all the cons are not so heavy weighted Overall it’s great That’s the cut We go to the Upshot and the buy recommendation Upshot and buy recommendation and I have to say Waffen-Ostheimer know what Bruce has on his wishlist for me very surprising the KSG in Germany I never believed that because the Markings and law and so on it won’t be available in Germany and surprisingly they had it in their shop I had to have it and i had it and still have it and think I won’t give it away again It’s a nice Airsoft and as I mentioned before an exotic one, something different Not a M870 as senn hundred times before Here we have something modern with really great design and eye-catching It’s not only for collectors but also for players because it’s not a power machine.

It’s >0,8 Joule which seems great for CQB This Airsoft is really compact and short because of the bullpup design ideal for tight spaces and fast movement without hitting corners with the barrel and with style.

It really looks stylish You definetely will need if you buy a KSG is a Red Dot and a foregrip and it’ll be fine And this was my review for the Kel-Tec KSG made by Tokyo Marui I want to thank Waffen-Ostheimer again.

Thanks a lot Waffen-Ostheimer for bringing this gun to Germany I hope iI could convince you a little bit of this Airsoft or maybe not Whether you buy them or not is your decision 399€ (by August 2017) is a plenty of money but then you have as I said a very special shotgun with a very very special sound which makes you smile like me and shows your enemy what fear really is Thats it.

That was the review of the Tokyo Marui Kel-Tec KSG I hope you enjoyed For questions please use the comments If you haven’t subscribed yet feel free to do so for never missing a video in my channel Down there some more videos with me- Bruce That’s it.

See you in the next video. Bye. Your Bruce


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