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Tokyo Marui 1911a1 Colt Government Airsoft Review (Had for 9 years) Part 2

Tokyo Marui 1911a1 Colt Government Airsoft Review (Had for 9 years) Part 2

hi guys I decided to make a new video for my 1911a1 the last video cut out so I decided to make a new one so I can finish up some of the stuff I didn’t talk about last time we were talking on the video I was talking about the Garter kit the metal body kit you can get for the Tokyo Marui it’s expensive in Canada but they’re pretty nice the thing you should do if you do decide to get a metal body kit is upgrade the internals you should upgrade then the nozzle so you can use green gas and they won’t break and you should upgrade the spring so it can cycle the metal slide better but you might not get the same performance out of it as you do with original because the originals are just perfect they out of the box they’re just perfect so there’s that and I didn’t talk about how hard a shoots with green gas issues just under three hundred feet per second I used duster gas a long time ago because I didn’t want to wreck this pistol but I switched to green gas and it shoots a lot harder and faster and gives a huge kick when you fire so I use green gas now even though it might damage the internals I can just always replace it if it does to dissemble this gun is really easy I can’t do it with these gloves on but you pull back the slide so it matches with this little notch here and then this whole piece will pop out and then the slide will come right off that’s how easy it is I also decided to show some holsters I had have this is an old world war 2 holster but it’s reproduction I used it when I had World War 2 kit in the beginning I just thought I’d show you guys what it’d be like if you have it if you do get one of these you should leave your pistol in it for a while because the leather needs to form to it it takes it’s pretty tight in the beginning but it’s pretty cool I’d actually like to wear this with some modern either be kind of badass I think yeah and I also got these mag holders for the world war 2 kit you stick the magazine here like that you would stick you would put these on a pistol a world war 2 pistol belt cuz they only fit on those well maybe the mag pouch can go in their regular belts but this one has to go on – oh no I can’t you can slide a regular belt but if you have the world war 2 pistol belts that hooks onto here and it would just hang off the belt and once I switched to modern gear I got just the holster I used to have it on the droplet on my leg like a drop leg holster but it got really annoying for me I don’t know about you guys but when you’re playing in the field and crouching it just bashes into everything and it bothered me so I just got the regular belt pistol attached the belt pistol attachment and I attached it to my belt and I liked it better it’s still it gets in the way with your your plate carrier if you if you try to pull it out you have to likely know and I’m wondering if I should just get a moly attachment and stick it onto my play carrier like on the front chess piece I’m wondering if that would be better I don’t know but I like these these holsters you just push the button here and slide out it’s really nice and smooth some people say you would from I accidentally like slip and pull the trigger and fire but no that doesn’t happen so you see where the trigger would be and this is where you push the button it’s higher up so when you push you just slide it off and you’re ready to go yeah so I had to do some modifications to this set the holster because it was a little Wiggly release this one is not a real super holster I have some real ones so this one I had to modify the the real ones you don’t have to fight if they work perfectly yeah so what else is there anything else I left out i I know I left out some stuff last time I’m trying to think no the sights for this pistol there’s no like dots cause it’s old-school you just have to line it up like that and sometimes it’s hard to see but usually when you got the front sight down you’re fine you’re gonna hit the target if they’re pretty close yeah so I also wanted to talk about this little loop here for your Bunji sling for when you if you don’t want to lose your pistol those are pretty handy because they hook onto your belt and your pistol won’t disappear into the forest or feel that you’re playing on this one’s metal so it’s really nice it’s not gonna break off so that’s pretty nice nothing else I can talk about really it’s just a really good pistol and I might want to switch out the I got the grips sorry I might want to switch out the grips and get some good ones there’s something nice to make you a little more unique but this is exactly how it looked like the old pistols they the grips look like this everything looked like this when back in the day this pistol was around so anyway I’ll be posting more reviews maybe I’ll post some reviews with my play carrier it’s a nice one and my their modern gear and get an airsoft guns so my review and have a nice day


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