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TMC Combat Plate Carrier · Review Airsoft [ENG SUBS]

TMC Combat Plate Carrier · Review Airsoft [ENG SUBS]

What’s up everybody! Welcome to another video I know I’ve been asked a lot, but finally I have over here my plate carrier, CPC from TMC (Combat Plate Carrier) we’re gonna review this vest, as it comes from default, and as I have it customized.

(Song: Celldweller – Fadeaway [Pre-ending of the song]) This vest, the CPC, Combat Plate Carrier from TMC, is a copy of the well-known CPC (Cage plate carrier) from Crye Precision. But with a lower quality, more accesible for Airsoft, and most important, a lower price.

The multicam color is the one from Crye, not the rosy. And has a pretty good finish. Moreover, this kind of vests have a adjustable and colocation system that is nice. Well this is the frontal part, there’s velcro, there’s is a compartment, closed by velcro, besides bringing many strips for the braces replacements, it goes with internal bands to put pens, batteries, all that, all what you don’t want it to move in your pocket.

Moreover, another compartment, this time is the average one, for the mags, that is over here, and they have strings to make sure the mags won’t drop off. And the backside, the same, with molle, and the upper part, velcro.

Furthermore, we have those zips to attach panels, and to exchange between them quickly. How’s the vest opened? Very easily. It’s like a JPC, you can move the forntal side upwards and then there’s 2 side hooks (with velcro) In addition, the vest has a second adjustable system, To open those side velcros so the vest doesn’t open completely, and those would be these ones, that go inside.

With these bands. Then, one of the braces, goes with a plastic clip, to be able to open it, so it makes it easier when to put the plate carrier, so you can put it sideways, without having to put your head under, just put your arm over there, and you close the clip, and the side velcro to completely close the vest.

It also carries a pack of small cushions to a better comfort. These are moveable, by a simple velcro. And, That system doesn’t take part of the vest itself, instead, goes separately from the vest, held by velcro, what makes the whole system adjustable, between.

.. Inside the vest right? It goes with a rope system, so that if I pull those ropes, makes the interlaced system to tighten or to stretch, so it perfectly matches your body. We also have cushions on the sides, and the cables that hold all this system go inside the braces with velcros.

However, I exchanged this cables because it’s useless, because it’s true that they could disassemble easily, so what I did was change them for cable ties. Not only because they’re easy to work with, more resistent, and it doesn’t dismantle so easily.

In the left side of the front I have a medic scissors. I don’t use them unless we have to cut some kind of bandage or something. And in the frontal part I use the compartment to stack minimum three M4 magazines.

Then, I have two individual pouches, than can be used to carry more mags, so that I could carry a total of 5. But if not, I would use them to put flashlights, for any other… accessory. Then, I carry a tourniquet, only used when necessary.

And nothing else here. Then over that, two chemical lights, something common on me, Then in the superior compartment I carry a notebook in this case, this one is waterproof. And a pen to take notes of a briefing or whatever.

Moreover, I have a compass, while at the same time is a thermometer. For in case that we have to knowthe direction and the temperature. And then a carabiner clip, easy to open, to hand the gloves or the helmet, for the moment we’re resting.

Right side, a knife, in the internal part of the lateral. And two grenade pouches. I carry the grenades given that I’m left-handed, so that the only hand that gets free, when it comes to search for something is the right one, so those pouches, at the right side are better.

And at the left side, nothing, because there’s the holster that would be in the left side of the hip What I do only carry on the left side, is the radio, but in the internal pocket, because, it sticks so well to the body that barely bothers me and it’s noticeable.

And then, there’s another pocket, so that I could keep maps and stuff safe in there. Backside, either for the phone, or maps, or cards… And then the back. In the back I carry one of the panels, there are differents, interchangeables, in this case I have the backpack.

And it’s just an admin pouch in the upper part, and then if we open it there are different spaces. The first one is for a camelback, in my case I have an average 3L camelback, Obviously the bands have the velcros for the tube to go to the front tight, so it doesn’t move.

And then a second compartment, which we use it to carry whatever we need, either food in the milsims, flags in normal games, grenades that I won’t be using, etc. And the most interesting thing about these panels: they have one more cavity, besides those 2 that already has, but it’s between the vest and the backpack, there’s a small cavity, that together with this space that opens and stretches, that it looks like a sock, Leaves a lot of space in the back, careful, this doesn’t reach to touch you, you feel nothing, but you can put: pliers, shears, the Brecher, I think I have shown you already through social media, but well, if you had to carry a tool, either a hammer, or whatever, you would put it in this space that, truth be told it’s awesome.

As you can see, the zips are the method to attach panels, well, there’s a few more hooks actually but these are with clips, but the system itself is with zips. A handle, with velcro, to drag wounded, and then in my case, I have an cable that leads to a dummy antenna.

I have a dummy one because it’s not necessary, a huge antenna with the Baofeng. The truth is that Zhytro, our Radio OP, has a functional one, but well, not necessary for the rest of us. Let me tell you that the existence of this vest, and also it’s configurations, pouches and stuff, and well, some things that we have implemented in our team, it’s mostly atributed to RN4 An4kin.

I follow this guy on facebook and instagram, I think he’s from Korea, but the thing is, I invite you to go check him out is completely amazing the quality of photography he has and the amount of things that he can get And well, because of him I started to look for everything he uploaded, I got interested in his stuff, and I finally bought this vest with the configuration I have, And that was it guys! If you like the plate carrier, note that you can find it in www.

weapon762.com In that site, since it’s our sponsor, we have a discount code, the code is: strm-weapon762 and if you introduce that when it’s time to buy, you get a 10% off. And that’s it guys! I hope you liked the video! And I’ll see you on the next one!


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