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Tiro no SACO de Airsoft [Airsoft Gameplay 2020] – Force One Mooca

Tiro no SACO de Airsoft [Airsoft Gameplay 2020] – Force One Mooca

Coming UP … Hello Everyone !! I am Monoball and we are back ! Today i am going to show you HOW A “Monoball” (Single testicule Person) Is BORN???? But before we start … Make sure to Like and Subscribe ! Drone Footage by @Reys Drone This game took place in Force One Mooca (São Paulo), Brazil It is a renewed airsoft field that is fantastic ! Check it out the “old version” of this field in the link above The game mode was “Kill Confirmed”.

It is a really fun game mode, similar to Call of Duty’s Kill confirmed style. In order to eliminate downed players you must hold them for 05 seconds. However, if you hold a downed teammate for 05 seconds, he is revived ! Stay tuned for the surprise in the end of this video !!! I am pretty sure you guys are gonna love it ! Let’s GO !! Am i recording ? Yea ~Fucking strange sound coming from no where~ WTF?? Devil, is it really you ? (Brazilian Meme) Stick together team, if someone get downed we revive ! Stay close, survive me if i get downed, please survive me Survive me ??? Are you fucking retard ? (Brazilian Agressive Meme) Lot of enemies here, beware !!! Granade !! Granaaade !!! Stay close, if someone get’s downed we revive ! Dead Revived ! Beware it’s dawn hot right here Few guys here Wait, enemy spotted !! Got him ! Dead I am sorry for the NUT SHOT man Enemy: Three downed enemies here And a really DEAD man (After the nut shot) That’s the time you feel sorry for the enemy .

.. But hope someone rescue you ! In fact i was really praying for someone to rescue me hahaha Dark magic’s dance (Brazilian Meme) Well it worked !!!! Revived ! Nice gameplay man !! They are near, stay close CHEATER detected !! (Aims at dead player) Eliminate him Wait ! It’s a downed teammate ! Teammate Revived Did you see the hit ? I didn’t lets check at slow motion ! Revived Revived Hold for 05 seconds !! Two downed players here, beware !! Game Over Haha a funny enemy player tricked us at the end of the game In fact, he was eliminated and started to fire to scare us hahahah We thought it was a revived enemy player, god dawn hahahah It’s a funny subscriber, god bless you and your family funny boy hahaha What do you guys think about this airsoft field ? A promising one in my opinion Question of the Day: What was you the most painful airsoft shot ? Wait wait !!1 Surprise aheaaad ! Let’s play Call of Duty together !! Subscribe for more videos !


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