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Thunder B and Banger Clip Review | Fox Airsoft


Hey guys Matt here with Fox, and today we are going to be taking at look at two very cool products. We’re going to look at the thunder b grenade, as well as the banger clip. Now the reason we’re looking at both of these together is because there are a match made in heaven. Now starting off at the thunder– So the thunder be grenade an airsoft grenade that makes a really loud “boom”. Now, it doesn’t shoot out any bb’s but the uh… the noise it makes is uh… is very loud. Close to about a hundred twenty decibels. So if you need to startel your enemy before you go into a room, this is a perfect option for you.And you are going to get to see it in action in a second. Now, the other product here is the banger clip. You’ll notice I just dismounted this grenade off my rig from this. It’s a very simple kydex mount that has a tackle taylor malice clip on the back to mount to any molle type gear. So you are going to notice it fits the dumbbell style thunder b grenade perfectly. It also has a retention strap on it, that just gives it that extra degree of security. That’s also going to allow you to mount other grenades, like yet tornado grenades– those will fit in this with the retention strap. The thunder bees come in three different packages that we sell components for them in. We sell the beginner package, which gives you three shells, a core, and then the spoon kit. Everything you need to get started.Then we also sell the player package which still includes the core and the spoon, but also gives you allot more shells, twelve shells. And then the last part we sell is the core by itself. Now the core is really what is doing all the work for you, so if you want to have multiple grenades on you, you need an extra core on you to be able to use them. How it works is it takes a twelve grand COtwo cartridge inside the core and then when you deploy the grenade, it’s going to pop that COtwo cartridge building the pressure inside that external shell. And in the external shell will explode once it reaches the required pressure. Now, once it explodes external shell is done , you throw it away, but the core can be used over and over and over again. Okay, so now shows you how one of these thunder bs actually works.So I have it mounted in my rig, just remove the retention strap and pull it out, and then I’m going to pull the pin, release the spoon and toss it. BOOOOOOOM Alright guys so might ears are still ringing after
that. So if you need something that’s in the allowed distraction device it is very cool to use in the field or in a CQB environment make sure to check out the thunder b grenade and also look at carrying it on your rig with a banger clip Fox Airsoft 10244 S Progress Lane Parker CO 80134 (888) 316-7816 .


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