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Three Times Lucky, Airsoft Game, Krzekowo, Szczecin, Poland, 06.01.2019


Like on the Baltic sea Look at this Faintly, man He’s doing better already I missed it Listen folks, we’re playing the same thing we did two weeks ago Let’s call it “Flag exchange” Two weeks ago we managed to grab each other’s flags three times, it was great Let’s see how it goes today There is one orange flag on the crossroad In the lake… which is dried obviously the second flag is located If you don’t know it you will see it And now…You have to take the enemy flag and take it to your’s If two flags are stuck togehter, the team wins If the flags are both taken by the teams, the game is still on And what if we take their flag and they take our’s? This is what it’s all about It won’t happen cause I will take their flag in a moment So shall we? I think so Let’s go Their flag is there and their spawn point should be over there, diagonally I see them all gathering there So their flag is there Maybe I will get the red rag and go ask them? No, let it go My idea is to leave the rag in the pocket and go kick their asses Practical thinking I’m HIT! You took him out? Not me Watch out, Niemiec is suppose to be somewhere in the trenches on the right Let’s find that out, will you take him out Herod? And where is he? I have no idea We can’t go through their spawn point Get in these bushes! KMK! Get there! On the left On the left, behind the road Eleven o’clock Eleven o’clock behind that big tree Like in a hole or something Herod, Herod! Left side of the road, watch out! Right in front of you, behind these bushes I’m HIT! Come on Robson! Changing Come on! Go left! Diabeł! He’s in…I’m HIT! Ok, we got him What flag do they have? Is that the flag, the white one? The white thing is the flag? I have no idea man Is that your flag? Yup I can’t do it I can’t reach the flag, there’s like three guys there Three? Yup There is a hill behind the flag Three or four guys are hiding there My glasses are foggy… Changing Ok, we have to get to the flag…Fuck, I’m HIT Good kill Cover me! Shit, he’s HIT Say what? You are a godsend No way, motherfucker Don’t miss it No way, he won the round Run, man, run! He’s going to be a team hero Ok, let’s go Let them not reach the main road HIT? The flag Two guys near the flag HIT! Motherfuckers Fuck… Friendly, friendly! Yup, I know, I know HIT! I see man Go to the spawn point, don’t stuck there I’m HIT! I’m HIT! Good kill Come on Szaman! Motherfuckers, they took the flag Fast round That
was good That was great First running, then glasses are always foggy That’s the reason I don’t run This flag have to be safe This time I’m not dying first Wait, it’s too quiet Going right Flag taken, let’s roll We have the flag, going back to the spawn point Watch out your left! Contact left! Oh, thank you very much Huh? Only four people left the game, they were near the flag Only I was near the flag, all the others left They went for the killing spree Yes, we only saw Niemiec there And he wasn’t even paying attention, cause he was watching some porn on his cell and jerking off Sorry, he was “horsing around” 🙂


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