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This Gun should be banned

This Gun should be banned

What’s up guys? Today I play with the MAXIGUN. It’s a minigun with a three times magnification scope on top, And I also mounted this entire piece to a DIY stock, to make this mini gun a stable platform for full automatic sniping.

With the 30 rounds per second and 2000 round magazine capacity, this is gonna be an easy day for me. The 11 kilograms weight doesn’t really support my fast playstyle, but I still try to gain as much ground as possible in the beginning of the game.

Let’s find out how many FPS we have. Results hopefully destroy it, the chronograph. Well completely feel legal. Oh right! Ready to go. Only one round passed and my arms are already getting tired from the MAXIGUN.

It’s just a bit too heavy for my playstyle. Rule of the field is semi-automatic only inside the buildings, but the MAXIGUN cannot shoot semi. I will just try to pull the trigger, as short as possible.

Those two guys in the back leave the room because I hit them, but actually it’s three guys. Where’s the thirds one? There is. So… Heavy. Thinks at least eight kilograms, the sling it’s pulling so hard, I can’t feel my shoulder anymore.

Cuts off all the blood streams. This round is a team deathmatch, with golden shot, once you hit have to leave the field. The game mode that is about to start is house defending. Usualy I’m always the sniper in this kind of games But today my job is to just spray all over the place to delay the enemy’s attack wave and to keep their heads behind cover.

A ton of bb’s flew into this window. Impacted on the wall to my right. I have to search for new spot. The enemy’s attack wave is already done, that was an easy round. Last round for today and let’s go! Hope you guys enjoyed the MAXIGUN.

In the upcoming video, I will show you how the MAXIGUN is build, so don’t forget to subscribe. This is Novritsch. I see you guys, on the next one.


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