Home Airsoft Cheaters This airsoft gun scares the sh*t out of players

This airsoft gun scares the sh*t out of players

This airsoft gun scares the sh*t out of players

(Cries of pain) What’s up guys. I’m doing a giveaway of an Novritsch SSG24 sniper rifle in the end of the video because Fabi just made its own YouTube channel So make sure to stick to the end to learn how to win this rifle.

Now let’s surprise some people with that kick-ass grenade launcher. (Cries of pain) (Cries of pain) (Cheering) Each time Fabi pulls the trigger there’s a whopping 70 BBs leaving the barrel! And the grenade launcher has 6 shell compartments, which makes his painful beast semi-automatic Fuck! What? Hit! Hit! Yeah, he felt out about that especially Due to the limited range Fabi moves through the dark tunnels to show up at spots where enemies will not Expect him to be, this way he can get close enough to catch them off-guard (Cries of pain) Last round for today at this run Fabi completely OST mates the range of the launcher As powerful as the grenade launcher might look like the bb’s are only flying around 30 meters And the spread is so insanely big that the chances that all babies fly left and right the enemies are pretty big Hope you guys enjoyed the gameplay let’s do the giveaway, hey, what’s up guys in this video we’re doing a giveaway off a brand new 224 action with this one that’s just to show you how it looks like but you gotta get a brand new one with the g un Case just like with others at knowledge to come the reason why we’re doing this giveaway is because Fabi made its own channel finally Thank you for the introduction after playing airsoft for 8 years now I decided to finally make my own heirs of youtube channel on the channel I will focus mostly on fast action based sniper gameplays like you did when you started your channel Well you want to say that I’m slow no I’m still fast So to win SSG 24 make sure to check out the link in the video description subscribe to my youtube channel And I will announce the winner of the giveaway in exactly one week


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