Sorry about that man Hello, everybody, and welcome to a brand new Airsoft Gameplay video. Today using the Krytak SPR MK2 upgraded by Umbrella Armory, I was able to completely run the field. I got an insane amount of kills and actually had to change teams because we were holding the position so well.

I hope you guys enjoy. ok got a hold of Let’s… (sings) I walk this lonely road, the only road that i have ever run. We’ve got the boat my dude now. We just got to get Coming up right side, coming up right side Got him Am I allowed to fire from inside the boat? [oh], why don’t I just go in then got it? Hey guys, [I’m] [in] the butt What are we blue? What are colors? Who am I? Got it.

. The color blue. [oh] That probably sounds like cancer to you guys hearing that crash crash crash of my gun or my head? This gun is unfair, dude – this gun is unfair Right side right side coming hard coming hard kid running up This gun is unfair dude seriously dude I’m going to hop out of the butt.

. Yeah, they’re pushing right got a guy right on my 12 here. Oh Holy shit that came right in yeah. He’s a directly across pretty much in line [with] the ramp Yeah, oh sorry to the right of the Rim Do you want to hold this but like watch this watch this [ring]? Do you see that guy’s like they’re spawning [brakes] with the ramp.

It’s kind of unfair for their team dude Did you see that one truck? [yeah], why what is love baby? Don’t hurt me it’s a it’s a crytek upgraded by umbrella armor. Oh coming up, right? Watch your head watch it Watch him watch him got him with that attitude no, they’re not Talking like guns handed down [out] of God Gun handed down by the [gun] [people] [so] [upon] you the fucking [business] You’re sexy cry you have provided shitty videos for the internet for this we reward you Okay, he’s moving I can’t really shoot boom yes One shot, okay.

I might run right to [mo] Depot. See what can you see good luck man. I’ll be back [I] Walk this Lonely Road the only road that oh I’m with you up. What do you see in Tango got it got him? Pretty good.

I want stellar coverage man. That’s what I’m paying you for [oh] also. You’re getting paid to convert that’s the Restroom [come] up meg’s two folds not shooting too. Well Kill more people you’ll kill more people That’s not a person.

[that’s] just a dark piece of wood that’s polite p.m.. Please write a tramp Got’em less time to go back to the boat yeah hold her down all these walls now hope I’ll own this walking Rose stalk and stuff.

I’m hitting a Walking road There’s like no home cameron and the cabin yeah, we’re we’re fantastic over there like like It’s like fine [cars] your guys hey guys I’m switching team i’m a traitor i’m a traitor i’m a traitor i’m a traitor Okay, [guys] Let’s make some [stuff] happen your voice.

Let’s get her done Okay, we just need numbers. We got a rush ammo Depot and get into Ammo Depot Yeah, we got to get ammo Depot. Yeah. I know it’s a raucous is being college. Let’s get this building come on Shit dude, okay.

Yeah Got them And across in front of uk are like right to beside you. I’m coming to you already Go to wake another way ato do better move gone ok buildings clear move up now Ok looks for one of these windows to it.

You can see stay up against that wall that’s enclosed Watch, oh wow I’m is [it] [called] it yeah, see I’m [solid] I’ll [do] here. Why you hung ahead of it? What grab your gun watch where I just was at the boat? [oh] Shut up You will never take my land that I took from the enemy earlier Hey good shot anyways.

That’s basically it for this episode guys as you [can] see this gun is a little bit overpowered And it’s kind of hard to put it down [I] hope you guys liked this video and if you do Remember to leave a like in the sub then you’ll get a new one every week you’ll actually get two new ones a week But Mike the second one a week might be a tTT It’ll you’ll least get one gameplay, but you might get two is what I’m saying for example this week, you’ll get just subscribe


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