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They FEAR this Pistol!

They FEAR this Pistol!

Hey, welcome back guys on a brand new video and in this game I’m using a special pistol in a submachine kit It has single and Full-Auto capabilities and together with a 50 round mag It is easy to take down Enemy forces The game what we are playing is capture point and I’ve been tasked to flank enemies squats to try and break them up Oops I quickly fixed the camera on my pistol and got called in over radio that a small group of enemy forces is holding one of the capture points I’m engaging from a secret spot to try and Surprise them Grenade! Enemy forces are about to take our main capture point.

So I’ve quickly joined up my squad to make sure it’s safe After respawn our team gained a big advantage on enemy territory, but we need to push slightly further for the third capture point Pfeww just in time! What? I was just around the corner Enemy Forces are defending hard, And after that near-death experience, I decided to move up There we go Only a few minutes away of victory one more capture point needs to be taken.

It’s all or nothing you almost had a heart attack eh? We held all the capture points and we won the game. Thanks for watching guys Make sure to check out my other sniper gameplay videos and of course you can find more Information about the pistol in the description down below.

I will see you guys on the next one


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