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THE VET – La Veterinaria | M4 Airsoft Gameplay Peru [SPA/ENG Subs]

THE VET – La Veterinaria | M4 Airsoft Gameplay Peru [SPA/ENG Subs]

Giancarlo Rossi Lévano “Roadrunner/RR” (AA-24) | Location: La Veterinaria Deathmatch | Objective: Eliminate enemy team. “I fucked up mate, shit” “What’s happening to my replica?” “They’re far way, aren’t they?” “We’re loosing to many” “Who’s left?” “Yeah, I have them here, careful” Eliminated Deathmatch | Objective: Eliminate enemy team.

“You have 3 with you!” Enemy down “Sami, how are you?” Nicola [Team]: One out on the left! “Sami’s down, attention Victor” Chifu [Team] Careful! “Behind! Left side!” “Retreating” “There’s one in the left side bushes” “Nearly on the half of the field” “Tell me” “I what?” “Negative” “They’re on the half, in middle of the big bushes” “Tell me” Nicola [Team]: There’s one behind “I’ve got no visual, Nicola.

We need to do something” Nicola [Team]: Wait “We lost the left side, Nicola. Attention” “Copy” “Victor, how’s the right side?” “Nicola, I’m gonna advance here to see if I can shoot him, OK?” “Only one left?” “Only the one on the left?” Eliminated Deathmatch | Objective: Eliminate enemy team.

“Cross, cross, cross” “OK, we got the corner” Chifu [Team]: I see one Chifu[Team]: Green house, red shirt! Nicola [Team]: Enemies on the second floor! Chifu [Team]: Second floor. Green house, first floor Chifu [Team]: There’s one on your 12 “Copy” Chifu [Team]: Up ahead Nicola [Team]: Green house, second floor, one! “One out, left side” Chifu [Team]: You killed him? “No, he went out before” “House, second floor?” “There’s one” “No, it doesn’t hit” Nicola [Team]: Right side, second floor, far away! Nicola [Team]: Right side! “I don’t see anything here” Chifu [Team]: Me neither Chifu [Team]: Second floor Chifu [Team]: Ares is out Chifu [Team]: Hey, you’re pointing towards the tyre Chifu [Team]: Do you have space to run? We have to advance “I’m checking that” “I can advance to some yellow walls.

You see them?” Chifu [Team]:We move there? “There’s one” “Suppress him, I’ll flank him to the right” “Left, left, left” “You got one more to the front” “You have one there too. Careful” Chifu [Team]: BOPE! Chifu [Team]: Oh, it’s your cousin isn’t it? “They’re shooting us from far ahead” “There’s another one behind the car.

They’re many of them” Chifu [Team]: We got many here “What, we wait for them?” Chifu [Team]: We wait for them “They have us suppressed here” Nicola [Team]: Right hill, other side of the house, he took cover Chifu [Team]: He’s still there Chifu [Team]: Careful “He’s here?” Chifu [Team]: No “We got one on the second floor of the house” Chifu [Team]: One on the car “Car on the left and there’s one behind the car, up ahead” Enemy down “I got one that was up ahed” Chifu [Team]: Careful “I got one that was on the corner up ahead” Chifu [Team]: I’m waiting for him to peek his head out Chifu [Team]: Can you see his head? “No” “Is he out?” “OK, he’s coming out through the middle” “OK, there’s only the one on the second floor of the green house; on the car.

..” Chifu [Team]: There’s one behind “Yeah, I saw him, the head” “Black helmet” “He went to the right” Chifu [Team]: Black helmet, we moved to the right Chifu [Team]: Green house “Victor, suppress the car, I’ll advance to the yellow wall” Nicola [Team]: Second floor “I got 2 on the left side, by the bushes behind the car” Nicola [Team]: 2 on the left side! “Copy” “No, there’s one behind.

There’s one in the bushes behind the white car” “They’re 2 left on the left side” Enemy down Eliminated Deathmatch | Objective: Eliminate enemy team. “Ares is behind the green house” “One on the house’s second floor” “Hey, there’s one on the left side” “Sure?” “I’m falling” Enemy down “What happened?” “One behind a tyre has raised his hand” “To the car, right?” Chifu [Team]: Yes “You, or me?” Chifu [Team]: You “OK.

Suppress when I run” ” 3 seconds” “1, 2, 3. Suppress!” “That was some silenced suppression” xd “OK, copy” “Left side?” Chifu [Team]: Yes “Copy” Eliminated


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