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The National Airsoft Festival 2018 Highlights

The National Airsoft Festival 2018 Highlights

However you play airsoft and whatever your style of play there is one event that captures it all. Where three separate factions battle it out and have a great time whilst doing so coz’ that’s what airsoft is truely about, right?! It’s airsoft, played YOUR way.

Each faction; Bravo, Delta and The Others, is made up of around 1000 players. Come game on, it’s up to you where you go and when. Take the fight to the enemy head on or sit back and have a cheeky snipe.

The factions each have a primary base, where you can regroup, chill, defend, or return objectives found or captured to score extra points for your team. Ground Zero is massive. With players spread over 105 acres, there’s plenty of space to move around, but action is always easy to find too.

The safe zone; where the festival comes to life. Food, Drink, Stalls and Entertainment. Events run all evening, with a player prize draw and a chance to win guns and kit just for coming. At the heart of the festival is our on-site bar, which provides cold drinks and live music, and even an airsoft pub quiz on Sunday evening.

45 Acre Safe Zone The NAF is the ultimate airsoft holiday with your mates. Test your skills in our exclusive G&G CQB killhouse. Compete for the best times for a chance to join Team GB to represent the UK in the G&G Airsoft World Championships.

On and off the field, The National Airsoft Festival is the best airsoft event you will go to this year. So get chatting with your mates and book your place now… …bookings close on 12 August ! See you there!


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