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THE HILL Meschede | PISTOL only Airsoft Gameplay [deutsch]

THE HILL Meschede | PISTOL only Airsoft Gameplay [deutsch]

Hi guys. in today’s airsoft gameplay video you see our first challenge. I appealed: give us tasks, give me tasks that I shall solve during the game. For the beginning we chose something simple, pistol only.

A suggestion. And here comes the video. Enjoy! Hey, princess where to? Idiot! Hey guys! We’re back on The Hill. Been here a couple of times, today with the Glock 17 for the first challenge: pistol only.

Let’s go. Crossing in front. Forward. The mission was to find a VIP, searching each room. Contact, contact. 25 meters. You see the shadows? The first challenge pistol only was perfect. I love playing CQB with a backup.

makes you more agile and faster. Contact! Left side. How far? Man, that was a near miss! about 15 max. Now, now. Did he say something? No, and not going away. Embarrassing. 15 meters on the left. The situation got stuck here.

showing that the enemy was at a level with us and the VIP couldn’t be on this level. bang! Did you feel it? Hit! Hit! Yellow? Colour? Red. Hit. Hit! Man! Fuck! Can only be yellow. It can only be yellow.

Next round. In the respawn we heard that the VIP could be in the chapel, on the second floor, We went there straight. OK. rock-paper-scissors Ok. It’s ok, right? You’re red. It’s ok, it’s ok. It’s cool, it’s cool.

rock-paper-scissors or both out. rock-paper-scissors ok, come in. Now jump. You’re outnumbered. Bang! Bang! Ok. Yeah man. Yellow in front of you. How is it? She’s here. When you look out to the right.

Yes. The girls are in the chapel, right? Yes. Ok, let’s go there. Forward, forward! Forward! Push, guys! Hit. Hit. You got me from behind, man? In, in, in! I got shot from my mate in the back. We accomplished the mission anyways and the game ended.

That was today’s video. Write more suggestions in this video we collect them all. Feel free, be creative. I have some ideas myself, and saw some great stuff I look forward to. we will go into the extreme.

So, pistol only was nice but there’s more to come. I trust in you. Take care! If we leave they break through. Bit boring. It’s a bit boring. Let’s support. You have to secure the staircase, red is coming.

From the back and up the stairs. You got the plan, I’m behind you. Enemy’s in the corridor. Clear the out. Thanks. That’s what we’re here for. So, pistol only was nice but there’s more to come. Take care! You ok? Got that? Are we finished?


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