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The Hill Meschede | Airsoft Gameplay [deutsch]

The Hill Meschede | Airsoft Gameplay [deutsch]

Good Morning Guys. As you can see in the background we’re at The Hill. It’s near Meschede. I’ve been playing here 3 years ago And I guess it didn’t change a lot As you can see I already changed and we are already signed in as well Now we have to chrone the Kriss Vector.

I have no idea, if I’m even allowed to play it here Because I’ve never chroned it before I’m absolutely up for this Again Perfect It has got under 1 joule All right Weapon is chroned. Not even 1 joule Let’s go inside the house We’re here at the first front line so let’s cross this.

It’s the first game Kriss Vector I hope it will safe me This was round one, we only came to the first stairway So we did only see about 30 percent of the building The whole situation got stuck a bit And when our own people tried to hit me from behind The blue ones snapped me Let’s go to the spawn now and then we’ve got round 2 We’re playing VIP now.

I guess we have to find three VIPs and interview them. They might have very important information for us Which will be absolutely relevant for the game day today We’re going to search them now and I hope they’re female HIT Oh f*ck, the lens All fine HIT Guys! Is inside the stairway blue? HIT Hey, you’re out! You over there in the door! Which colour are you? Blue? “Yes, you too?”- “No, I’m red” “You got me?” – “Yes, I hit you twice, so you’re out, no?” I didn’t notice! Okay then we can make it clear once again “HIT!” – “There you go!” “We just flew down here, right?” – “Yes” Have a look how slippery this is I didn’t see this from above.

I was just jumping Oh man But it went well That’s it for today If you see this video, I will already be in Mahlwinkel for OP Tschernobyl Maybe we’ll meet there, if not, you can see the videos from OP Tschernobyl next week See you! “Julian, what was your best time?” – “20,69” “You cannot get me again” – “Julian the world champion” “You cannot get me again with this, no no no no.

I don’t want to be an outtake again!” “Hahaha I’m an outtake then!” “Julian is going to be an outtake, okay?”


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