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THE DIVISION in Real Life | Airsoft Gameplay [Deutsch]

THE DIVISION in Real Life | Airsoft Gameplay [Deutsch]

Hello, my name is Parrot I’m a member of the team marauder and if you knows the game “The Division” and have recognized these bags you’ll know what this video is all about At the event you’ll see here which was also hosted by the marodeurs we wanted to avoid boring and banal team death match so we thought out a game mode which motivates the players a bit and is fast paced The ones that know “The Division” will probably know the rules for all others I’ll quickly explain it the story would be too long to tell but we’ll just imagine a situation in which everything is biologically contaminated due to a terrorist attack And the yellow bags you can see here have got blood in it so they’re valuable pices that certain people want to capture So either the good guys called the Division, or the bad guys The Division can capture the bags from the bad guys and then bring it to a certain spot on the map symbolic for a heli spot where they can call in a heli through the orga which then needs a while to arrive and then it stays there for a bit during that time the one holding the bag has the chance to secure the bag and then keep whatever is in it Here we as the bad guys are defending the bags against the Division As said in these bags there are actually airsoft relevant things which can be kept by the one who manages to secure them But the Division isn’t necessarily working as a team you’re free to choose if you want to secure the bags as a team or to shoot your teammates shortly before the heli arrives and you have to hand over the bag to betray them because then the one betraying his team can hand in the bag alone and keep everything inside for himself And that’s exactly what you can see here This round we’re not playing as the bad guys, but the Division which has to capture the bags Everyone that got hit here was Division and was also shot by Division players And exactly the same thing happened the second time Just now I’m ordering the heli to secure the left package And that’s when I was shot in the back by my own team members just before the bag could be handed over Of course we’re just kidding Dragon and I are friends and in the same team And that’s what happens if you use bad bbs a stuck bb in the magazine Aaand it’s an accidential team kill The game mode is meant to encourage team play and also tactically question who’s on my side now and who not and to make you move, to get to the bags to prevent constant camping That’s why we put real prizes in the bags which could actually be kept if you work well together or push yourself and manage to secure a bag in the end And at that point my mag was emty and that was the end of this run Also there is a reason to make an effort as a bad guy, because if you manage to hinder the Division from capturing more than one bag in your next round after team rotation when you’re becoming Division you have the chance that in one of the bags you can capture there are far more precious things so also as a bad guy you should give your best You can see a few guys standing here which already secured bags unfortunately I was a bit too late here So the more you manage as the bad guys to keep the Division away from the middle which you can see right now or in general from the back of the field where the people with the bags are the higher are your chances to get better Stuff in the next round when you’re the Division again I don’t know what hit me here but sometimes you rather accept a ricochet as a hit and leave once too often then to get hit and don’t leave Because especially if it’s about physical prices it’s important to play fair and to avoid possible discussions which can get intense pretty quick By the way the gas mask was the worst idea I ever had, because of the resistance I felt like I only had half my normal breath available and I really had moments when I thought I’m gonna pass out but it fit the game very well but at some point that was just too much so I got rid of it If you just listened closely you could hear a geiger counter near the nuclear barrels here we actually have a field where they put much love into the details And seemingly I was incapable of fully loading my mags the whole day Just here I’m circling the enemys through their own spawn as already said in the beginning the ones that handed in the bags can keep what’s in it in the end This is to say so the award ceremony Kalle from the marauders really owned it that day, so he secured most of the bags but he was so kind to not put his own name in, but the name of a new player not from the team who would have way more use for the stuff in the bags Except for the crappy BB bottle gunny put in there of course If you liked the video please let us know by giving a thumps up so we can decide if we should continue making content like this –Subtitles by Team Trigger Tigger–


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