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The Biggest Airsoft Event In The UK – The National Airsoft Festival

The Biggest Airsoft Event In The UK – The National Airsoft Festival

Hi, guys! Welcome back Sunday warriors! my name is Ronalds. A while ago I talked about the requirements for under 18 to start playing airsoft, if you want to watch that video there will be a link in the description box down below.

Since that time I’ve gained much more experience and visited many more airsoft sites – smaller and bigger. Of course I’m still limited due to my age. I’m almost 14 now and I still feel mildly discriminated about this, but anyway usually in smaller sites people are friendly and teams are more consolidated though in bigger sites there are more players.

That’s why I was very enthusiastic about getting to the most attended and popular airsoft event in the UK – The National Festival 2018 This year there were about 2,500 players maybe more maybe less. I’m not quite sure but I heard it’s one of the greatest events in whole of Europe and sounds quite good for me to be there.

Therefore I expected a bit more action and intense game play. I could imagine about 100 airsfters and against another hundred exploding grenades everywhere and action-movie worth scenario, but of course that’s just my imagination – reality is slightly different.

The game play area is huge and all the players just spread out and sometimes I just felt like I’m here to do some bird watching instead of playing airsoft. Nevertheless I liked the site layout. There ware some quite cool fortifications and joining in the right group of people at the right time might guarantee you great moments to remember.

Overall the event was a success in spite of the second day being very rainy but at least there were a few benefits from it like less people hiding in bushes and more intense battles to get shelter of course! At the end of the day we were soaked to our underwear.

. wet but happy! Thereby I’ve accomplished my goal to attend National airsoft festival and I would recommend it to all other airsoft fans to visit at least once. My next goals are to travel overseas to play airsoft or to find some place where I could drive and shoot with an armored vehicle.

If you know some place where this is possible please write it down in the comment section down below I’ll surely visit it and make a cool video about it, so if you like this video and want to see more Sunday Warriors adventures subscribe to our Channel and make sure you click the notification bell to not miss the future videos.

Thanks for watching and see you guys next time!


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