Home Airsoft Loadouts The BEST Stealth SEMI-AUTO Airsoft Loadout ???

The BEST Stealth SEMI-AUTO Airsoft Loadout ???

The BEST Stealth SEMI-AUTO Airsoft Loadout ???

How’s it going airsofters? Myself and my team have the objective  to locate and secure a downed aircraft   my team consists of some of my sniper friends  including the Gray Fox and Kicking Mustang   i’m using one of my favourite rifles  at the moment, The Wolverine MTW.

We start off at a car graveyard and attack a   compound there to secure information on  the whereabouts of the aircraft wreckage The building is clear but confusion erupts  outside with friendlies firing upon each other We concentrate our search deeper into the forest   and i meet up with and join  forces with Kicking Mustang.

Two moving left, right to left,  three moving right to left. Um… is that a chopper down there? There’s  one just to the left of the chopper. He’s gone. One there running this way.  He’s dead, he’s got his hand up.

.. sorry bro. I didn’t hear him shout though. He’s dead.   Yeah just two with their hands  up… three with the hands up. Mustang being Mustang brings enough  ordnance to equip a small army. Nice shot.

Oh hey that’s coming close! HIT! Medic! Cheers, I have no idea where that came from. He’s inside that building. I was  gonna say i think it was in the tent. That counts as a kill thank you. Is it the one in black? Yeah he took some  persuading.

He took some tags and a grenade   even getting shot in the face. Can we push  on to that tent now and take it ourselves? Movement yep. Right now Okay I think i got him Yeah go go Clearing the enemy out of the small area of  shacks gives us a great opportunity to gain ground They’re coming down, two, three, three  now coming, movement left to right.

See this tree here One behind there. it looks like we’ve got yep KM: Camman are you with me? yeah i’m to your right “HIT” “HIT” Three friendlies get taken out by enemy  players which are seemingly out of my range   but i try my luck with a couple of shots anyway.

I now seem to be alone in an enemy held area. Then there’s a welcome sight,  fellow bushman the Gray Fox. Panic ensues amongst the enemy, they  have no idea where they’re being hit from Hit One, two, three, four, five,  six, seven, eight, nine, ten Hit, Medic Cheers bud I don’t know if that smoke is our smoke? You KM? No , Kicking Mustang’s up there.

I’m Camman. Ah, 2 of the best snipers on Youtube. Cheers bro Yeah there’s one behind the sandbags A lucky shot from a guy that pops  up like a whack-a-mole takes me out My team have now come together and have  found the location of the downed aircraft   it’s now our job to defend it from recapture.

Yeah we’ve got moving to the right now  over there i can probably get him i think That movement to my right? I’m looking.  Yeah yeah yeah it’s down as well i think  there’s another one there there yeah   there’s another one moving  there, right left to right  Got him again he obviously just got medic back in.

There’s one running this way it’s probably  still about 40 meters out that way All right Oh he’s close he’s close Friend or Foe? Foe. yeah oh i see him i see him i think Oh come on man The enemy team run out of time to recapture the  downed aircraft and we succeed in our objectives.


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