Home Airsoft Cheaters The 700 Dollar Airsoft SHOTGUN you will WANT.

The 700 Dollar Airsoft SHOTGUN you will WANT.

The 700 Dollar Airsoft SHOTGUN you will WANT.

of the 1500 RwdwdwdwdPM pistol Check your Facebook messages, you’ll be getting tdwwdwdwdwdhis pistol very shortly 😀 [TACdwwdwddwTICAL YELLING] *CQB intenwdwdadwdawsifies* “Hit, Hit” “Hit!”dwaddadadada Hey, what’s going on guys 😀 We’ve been invited to this special event in the heart of one of the major cities in the Netherlands called Utrecht.

We’re playing in a recently decommissioned prison; it’s been decommissioned because of a lack of criminals in the city, but it does make for a really really cool airsoft site. Our mission is to break through the enemy lines, capture the flag, and bring it back to our base.

Myself and Sniper Buddy Fabi (wholesome lad) are operating as a team and to give ourselves the best shot at winning this game, we’re using these REALLY fancy CO2-powered shell-ejecting shotguns that we got from Bunker 501, link in the description, and we’re also using a riot shield with flashlights that has been proven to be extremely effective in these CQB games 2! 1! Go! * noises* *Hit* *hits in the background* *more noises* “Hit, hit, hit.

” “Whoa, WHOA!” “Hit! Hit!” Fabi: Did you get him? Silo: Yeah “Dead man!” * Yelling* Silo: Whoa! Fabi: Huh? Silo: There’s a dude there. Fabi: Enemy? Silo: Yeah. In there, on the left Run Run Run Run hit hit *yelling* Hit hit hit hit hit Ah F*ck, Hit! Hey shellsmare We are standing here in one, this is one we fall back through the stairways *Hit* *Hit* *Hit* (Silo’s a god) Hit Ready? F*ck, No! Ready? Yep hit We were getting extremely close to the enemy flag there in that room using that route, and to surprise the enemy we’re now trying a completely different route so we can go back hard on the old one later on no! *laughing* *whispers* “fuck” *gunshot sound* Hit *chuckles* They’re in the corner *gunshot* hit what the fuck *chuckles* tactical as fuck, boy you take a hit we got ’em *yelling a fuck.

.. hit! for god’s sake… fuck no shells get the guy in the corner we just figured out a weak spot in their defenses so Fabi’s right behind me and we’re getting ready to push for the flag hit! hit! Where’s the flag? Here we go move.

.. we have the flag x3 we have the flag x3 we have the flag wooooooow *yelling* yelling yeah buddy that was awesome dude good job man *music*


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