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Texas Paintball funny moments

Texas Paintball funny moments

okay access that they have if they can’t rear both of you another good at work out either or not yeah yeah I can’t come here next Sunday yeah all right i don’t know maybe I’m gonna go k oh yeah they’re like your first one yeah you watching right now yeah he’s peeking out right now how much me nae nae okay now watch me whip whip watch me nae nae now watch me will kill it watch me nae nae okay now watch me whip watch me oh they’ll take a face we doing this for snatch it technical phone reloading we got two more common so nice to we give hold is just what the heavy where’s that would I go hey fucking heavy I know like 20 pounds right there so see ya hold it yeah good West workout oh we got we’re short two man you can hold the Pulitzer yeah I know oh shit hey cook hey go get you out of me video I’m not wearing my jacket cuz it’s too hot better you get to get close up to nothing no not that they’re like tilt your head like that yeah you give this planet cooked like 50 bucks yeah ah my summer job can’t afford all my needs of you gmt hmm what kind of getting a Pulitzer well I’m a good one my Christmas I think anybody’s go I have one but it’s like busted now I thought that breeze there they are nice trip up okay I’ve got a bad I want to jump on that Lake over there he’s jumping I know a lot most airsoft guns can withstand rain yeah i mean not like heavy heavy rain but you know like a sprinkler we have that you’re looking withstand that no problem buying a cup like if you dump it in the wire this thing is right oh yeah we got one more guy cositas 707 puppy cut that out nope put it in the video tomorrow I mess up you two he is there a better did you get so many shade in the comments but pure that is you get a ton of reading comments but not xbox yeah like xbox pretty sucky the next box player is true oh please trader and I got one bag


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