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Technique – Evolution Airsoft Electronic Trigger System & oversized MOSFET [ENG sub]

Technique – Evolution Airsoft Electronic Trigger System & oversized MOSFET [ENG sub]

hello everyone, welcome to the Lair today I’m going to review the Electronic Trigger System by Evolution Airsoft I bought this ETS last year with an Evolution Airsoft replica at Airsoft&Co shop it costs 70.

90€ and this is the ETS + oversized MOSFET pack it also exist with the ETS alone as I was shooting pictures for the review, the gearbox was open and I decided to install the ETS, almost one year after having bought it of course it is not only compatible with Evolution Airsoft replicas, but with almost every V2 gearbox don’t start asking if it compatible with this brand or that gearbox, I don’t know please contact Evolution Airsoft or Airsoft&Co the ETS is packed in a cute little box made by the famous Italian maker Negrini the ETS is designed and made in Italy it’s very classy here is the oversized MOSFET then the ETS the command wires some heat-shrink tube and of course, a users’ manual installing the MOSFET is not mandatory the ETS replaces the classic trigger switch according to Evolution Airsoft, the ETS is compatible with many after-market MOSFETs I’m not talking about Titan or other complete systems I won’t make a long installation video because Evolution Airsoft has made one which is very short and very clear I’ll install this quickly and be back in a few seconds wow, that’s fast! I followed the directions given on their video I’m only wondering if they’ve left enough wire length to be able to reassemble the gun I had my doubts, I was right there’s not enough length here I’ll have to modify this now it’s fine, I re-wired the MOSFET added a short black wire and unfolded the other side like that so now the back wire makes a 180 but I’ve got enough length to mount the back plate and the buffer tube I tested with a battery, it seems to work so I’ll assemble the replica and I’ll be back shortly the Electronic Trigger System and the oversized MOSFET are installed as I’ve told you before, pay extra attention to the MOSFET installation so it can be properly fitted inside the receiver and the buffer tube so the MOSFET is stuck between the two parts and the tube screw passes between two wires and it works! let’s talk about the settings settings you get even without installing the oversized MOSFET so if you don’t want to struggle with its installation, don’t buy it there are not many features a programmable 1-250 BB burst when shooting in auto of course is can be disabled you’ll also be able to protect Lipo batteries from 7.

4 to 14.8V Evolution mention that if you use LiFe batteries, don’t enable battery protection to enter the burst setting, put the lever on SEMI and plug the battery the motor vibrates one time now each pull on the trigger represents one more round in burst mode let’s try a 5-round burst confirm the setting by switching to SAFE I’ve got semi and burst even if I keep pulling, it doesn’t switch to full-auto if you want to block your gun in semi, extra simple set a 1-shot burst (lol), valid and that’s it to set the battery protection, switch to FULL plug the battery motor vibration.

.. I’m using a 11.1V here so I double tap and I confirm by switching to SAFE 1 tap is 7.4, 2 taps for 11.1 and 3 taps for 14.8V trigger travel is quite short reactivity is good there’s no more physical safety, so don’t force on the trigger now if you need to reset the parameters unplug the battery set the selector on FULL plug the battery and do nothing but switching back to SEMI full-auto is back and there’s no more battery protection let me give you a trick if you want to set everything at once switch to AUTO plug the battery and select the desired voltage protection then switch to SEMI and adjust the burst and switch to SAFE to confirm both settings you can’t tune the burst sensitivity, so test different settings depending on your battery type and spring power if you get 4 rounds on a 3-round burst, tune it down to 2 and test again here I’ve got a 330FPS spring and a big 11.

1V 2400mAh LiPo so I’ve got 4 rounds shooting in a 3-round setting it is up to you to find the proper combination that’s it for the ETS by Evolution Airsoft it costs around 70€ it is made in Italy you can set a 1 to 250-round burst battery protection it is compatible with most V2 gearboxes and most aftermarket MOSFETS don’t hesitate to tell me what you think of this ETS like the video, share it thumb down if you need to activate notifications, because sometimes YouTube is a bit annoying about reporting new videos to the subscribers but if you don’t want to miss anything, follow me on Facebook see you soon in the Lair xoxo


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